Minoura iH-220-S / iH-220-M Instructions Manual

Minoura iH-220-S / iH-220-M Instructions Manual
iH-220-S / iH-220-M
● iH-220-S
● iH-220-M
2 different clamp sizes are available.
: Fits 22 – 29mm diameter
: Fits 28 – 35mm diameter
Holds the phone
securely from all
4 directions.
The arms are
fully adjustable.
Make sure you
securely lock
the wing before
start riding.
Place the holder body and
the angle adjust plate on the
Pierce the M5x25 flush bolt
through them and screw to the
Holder body is angle adjustable in every 9 degrees.
To adjust the angle, loosen the
flush bolt, lift up and turn the
After adjusting, tighten the
flush bolt firmly.
Adust Plate
Do not push
the wings again
after locking.
This action will
release the
The included
white silicon ring
is a safety device
for holding the
phone together
with the holder in
order to prevent
dropping off
Back Side
Upper Arm
Fixing Screw
Silicon Ring Hook
Side Hook
Side Hook
Locking Shim
Angle Adjust
Lower Arm
Fixing Screw
Silicon Ring Hook
Lower Arm
Check to make sure you have all the parts.
Contact place of purchase if you are missing
Plastic Shim
Protection Sheet
6 – 9mm Thick
Small Hook / Low
Installation – 2
M5x16 Button bolt
9 – 12mm Thick
Small Hook / High
Flush Bolt
Side Hook (Small)
Side Hook (Large) x2
Side Hook (Large)
Alloy Adapter
1. Install the alloy adapter to the
clamp body first by M5x16
button bolt and spring washer.
2. Put the holder body and the
angle adjust plate on the alloy
adapter. Insert the M5x25 flush
bolt through them and screw
to the clamp.
Put the phone on the holder
and close the wings to hold the
Large Hook / Low
15 – 18mm Thick
If the phone power
switch has been on or off
unexpectedly because the
wing pushes the button
when holding, add a piece
of pad (supplied) on the
existing pad on the side
Large Hook / High
Slide both arms until they
touch the phone case.
Tighten the backside screws
to fix the position.
We recommend you set the
phone in the center of the
holder for the best fit.
2 height levels available
Clamp Mechanism
iH-220 comes with the quick release type
clamp. It doesn't require any tool.
Wrap the protection tape around the
Put the clamp on it and shut the arm.
Hook the metal ring.
Insert the tip of
flat screwdriver
and twist
Angle Adjust
Pivot Pin
Adjust the side screw so you feel a slight
resistance when closing the lever to the
midway point.
Adjusting Screw
Holder body is angle adjust-able
in every 9 degrees.
To adjust the angle, loosen the flush bolt, lift up and turn the holder.
After adjusting, tighten the flush bolt firmly.
Open / Close the Wings
Do not loosen any
other screws.
Slide the arms to make wide
Side Hook Locking
M5 Spring
Alloy Adapter
M5x16 Button Bolt
M5 Spring Waasher
[ Default Combination ]
To open the wings, pull the red
wing release lever.
To clamp the phone, just push
the wings inward until they tightly
hold the phone.
After clamping, push down this
lever to lock the wings securely.
While pushing the hook fully
toward the wing end, slide down
the shim to the pins to fix.
Make sure you fully push down
the shim.
Replace Lower Arm
3mm Hex Wrench
The center chrome plated
screw holds the arm. Loosen it
to adjust the arm position.
12 – 15mm Thick
Replace Hook
SM type Clamp
M5x25 Flush Bolt
Adjust the arm position to fit the actual
phone size.
Install in front of the handlebar.
For locating the phone screen as far as
possible for easier view.
Silicon Ring
5mm Hex Wrench
Adjust Arms
You should need M-size clamp
for mounting on the stem due to
the applicable diameter.
Angle Adjust Plate
Extended Lower Arm
iH-220 comes with 2 sets of Side Hooks and
the smaller hooks are installed in standard.
Each hook can be set at 2 levels to fit various
thickness of the phone case.
Choose the best hook size and position to
your actual phone size.
Upper Arm
Wing Lock &
Release Lever
iH-220 Body
Side-Hook (Small)
Install just above the clamp.
For mounting on the stem or for minimizing
the distance to you.
Holder Body
The side wings
open wide to
devices up to
75mm wide, with
or without a case.
Installation – 1
(ver.1.1 2015/7)
Adjust Hook
M5x25 Flush Bolt
Side wings can be
locked to prevent
unexpected opening
from shock or
vibrations during ride.
instructions manual
Do not push the wings
again after locking. This
will not tighten the wings
but will automatically
release the lock.
Always push the lock lever as the final
Using Silicon Ring
Embed the silicon ring to the backside hooks, and hold both the
holder and the phone in order to avoid unexpected dropping problem.
Lower Arm
If the hook is slanted, the shim
cannot be installed.
If you are using an iPhone 6plus or
similar, you need to replace the the
lower arm with the extended arm if
your phone is longer than 147mm
(max. 163mm).
The arm is not position adjustable.
1. Loosen the backside lower
arm fixing screw, and remove
the lower arm and the nut.
2. Replace the lower arm to the
extended one.
3. While sticking the extended
arm to the holder body, insert
the nut into the hole and
tighten the screw firmly.
If you hear clicking sound when
completely closing the lever, it's the sign
of correct installation.
If you don't hear any sound, the clamp is
still loose.
Release the lever and tighten the
adjusting screw a little more.
Make sure the adjusting screw is fully
retracted into the clamp body. Failure
to do so may cause the holder to fall off
your bar.
Do not try to tighten the adjusting
screw after closing the clamp instead of
adjusting the screw properly.
Only in case of clamping 22mm
(7/8") diameter tube with S-size
clamp, you need to cut the
plastic shim approximately
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