Drive Medical Width-Adjustable Seat Owners Manual

Drive Medical Width-Adjustable Seat Owners Manual
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retractable seat
item # CE 1286
for use with CE 1000 XL,
CE 1000 B, CE 1000 BK,
CE 1200 BK and CE 1000 NBL
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Left T Bar
1. Mount bottom bracket (A) onto Safety
Roller’s left bottom frame and top bracket
(B) onto upright. (Figure 2)
2. Insert screws into brackets (A & B).
Right T Bar with Seat
1. Mount bottom bracket onto Safety
Roller’s right bottom frame (C) and top
bracket onto upright (D).
2. Insert screws (C & D) into brackets.
Note: Adjust handlebar height before
tightening screws
figure 2
1. Unfold Safety Roller.
2. Lift handlebar and position over left
3. Unhook seat from bottom frame and lift
4. Secure onto top of left T bar. (Figure 3)
5. To fold seat, lift off left T bar, lower and
latch onto right bottom frame. (Figure 1)
figure 1
figure 3
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