Quest Engineering QR4 Rigging Installation Guide

Quest Engineering QR4 Rigging Installation Guide
QR4 Rigging Installation Guide
QR4: Horizontal Three Speaker Array
Order Ref: ACHPI-QR4
Kit Contents
The QR4 kit allows for three HPI110 speakers
to be hung horizontally.
• Hanging Plate
• Screws (6 x M10)
QR4 Kit
HPi110 installed with QR4 Kit
Tilt Angle
The natural hang tilt angle of the horizontal array is controlled by the shackle location on
the top spine
-12˚ -18˚ -23˚
QR4 Rigging Installation Guide
Mounting the Speakers
1. Remove the 2 M10 screws at the top of each
speaker and discard.
Approximate coverage angle
2. Place the hanging plate on top
of the 3 speakers and align to the
desired angles.
3. Bolt in the M10 x 35mm counter sunk screws
included in the kit to lock the position to the
required coverage angle.
Add locking paste to give additional security.
Attach the plate to the speaker boxes
with the installation bolts supplied with
the QR4.
It is preferable to coat the bolts with thread
locking paste for maximum protection
against bolts becoming loose over time.
QR4 Rigging Installation Guide
Safety Precautions
Avoid installing the mounting
hardware on unstable structures,
such as on unreinforced walls or
ceiling beams that are not designed
to carry extra weight.
Check to confirm that suspension
wires are strong enough, correctly
terminated and sufficient to carry the
total load with at least a 4:1 safety
Refer all installation work to the
dealer from whom the speaker was
purchased. Installation for flying
speaker systems requires extensive
technical knowledge and experience.
The speaker or rigging hardware may
detach if not correctly installed,
resulting in serious injury to people
The connectors of the suspension
wires and belts must be securely
linked with those of the speaker or
rigging hardware.
Check that all elevated work
platforms or other height access
devices (ladders etc.) will safely carry
the weight of the products to be
elevated and the weight of the
installation personnel before starting
the installation.
Install the unit only in a location that
can structurally support the weight
of the unit and the mounting bracket.
Be sure to follow the flying
instructions exactly as described. Do
not take shortcuts during the
installation and flying process.
Identify any possible risks or hazards
before beginning the setup\
installation. Time and care should be
taken so as not to expose yourself or
other workers to danger with unsafe
Use nuts and bolts that are
appropriate for the ceilings or wall’s
structure and composition.
Be sure to use screws supplied with
the optional flying hardware when
installing any mounting hardware or
the speaker itself.
Do not use other methods than those
specified to mount the speaker
Use only the specified mounting
brackets. No warranty is provided
due to damage resulting from a
failure of after-market accessories.
After installation periodically have the rigging and installation
fittings checked by a competent technician or rigging
specialist. Failure to do so may result in a loudspeaker or
rigging element falling and causing injury.
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