Extech Instruments FM300 Desktop Formaldehyde Monitor Datasheet

Extech Instruments FM300 Desktop Formaldehyde Monitor Datasheet
FM300 Desktop Formaldehyde
(CH2O or HCHO) Monitor
Measures Formaldehyde concentration, Air Temperature and Humidity
with user-settable audible alarm (0.08ppm default). Excellent for
monitoring indoor air quality of areas affected by formaldehyde gas.
Formaldehyde is used in the manufacture of many industrial and consumer goods. Emissions
from some of these items can rise when moisture and heat increase. These emissions are a
contributing factor to Sick Building Syndrome, which may lead to itchy eyes and throat, as well
as headaches and dizziness.
- Glue
- Timber Paneling/Particleboard - Soap Bars/Body Wash
- Paint
- Cosmetics
- Lotions
- Insulation/Plywood/Fiberboard - Shampoos
- Toothpaste
Simultaneously displays Formaldehyde concentration,
99 readings with recall function
Air Temperature, and Relative Humidity readings with
date (Year, Month, Day) and time
Visibly bright LED (green & red) and three facial icons
Internal memory for manually storing up to
Complete with Universal AC adapter (100V-240V)
and multiple plug types (US, EU, UK, AUS)
indicate indoor CH2O warning level
Audible beeping alarm default at 0.08ppm (adjustable)
Designed with Electrochemical CH2O sensor
Min/Max CH2O value recall function
Calculates statistical weighted averages of
>0.8ppm CH2O
>0.08ppm, <0.80ppm CH2O
<0.08ppm CH2O
TWA (8-hour Time Weighted Average) and
STEL (15-minute Short Term Exposure Limit)
CH2O Calibration function in fresh air
Three facial icons indicating CH2O concentration level for indoor air quality
Basic Accuracy
Formaldehyde (CH2O or HCHO)
0.00 to 5.00ppm
Air Temperature
32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
10 to 90%RH
6.1 x 3.4 x 3.2" (155 x 87 x 81mm)
5.8oz (165g)
FM300............... Desktop Formaldehyde Monitor
Specifications subject to change without notice. Copyright © 2014 FLIR Systems, Inc. All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.
Rev. 4/22/14
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