Extech Instruments LT10 Pocket Series Light Meter Datasheet

Extech Instruments LT10 Pocket Series Light Meter Datasheet
Pocket Series
Environmental Meters
Convenient pocket-sized meters are
easy to use with one-button operation
and can be stowed in a compact
space such as a pocket. Models
available for Air Velocity, Light,
Humidity/Temperature, and Sound
Level measurements. Keep one handy
for whenever you need to take a
quick environmental measurement.
Air Velocity
Pocket-sized housing with easy one-button operation
Large automatic backlit LCD display when
Model RH10 - Humidity/Temperature Meter
- Measures Relative Humidity from 0 to 100%RH and
Temperature from -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
meter is powered on
Model SL10 - Personal Sound Level Meter
Durable double molded side grip
Tripod mount (Optional TR100 tripod)
Complete with 9V battery and built-in sensor
A Frequency Weighting for human hearing and fast
Model AN10 - Anemometer
response time of 125ms
- Measures Sound Level from 40 to 130dB with
- Measures air velocity: 80 to 3936ft/min,
1.1 to 20m/s, 0.8 to 72km/h,
0.9 to 45 MPH, and 0.8 to 39 knots
Model LT10 - Light Meter
- Measures light intensity up to 4000Fc/40,000Lux
with measuring rate of 1.5 times/second
AN10 ................. Pocket Anemometer
LT10 .................. Pocket Light Meter
RH10................. Pocket Humdity/Temperature Meter
SL10 ................. Pocket Personal Sound Level Meter
TR100 ............... Tripod
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Rev. 4/22/15
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