Extech Instruments UV505 Pocket UV-AB Light Meter Datasheet

Extech Instruments UV505 Pocket UV-AB Light Meter Datasheet
UV505 Pocket
UV-AB Light Meter
The Extech UV505 pocket-sized UV light meter measures UV-AB
light from natural and artificial light sources used in outdoor
activities and indoor medical testing, laboratory/research,
industrial, education, electronics, and forensics/criminology
applications. It offers a backlit display, cosine corrected sensor,
two selectable ranges, zero function, display hold, and auto power
off. Includes a pouch to protect and store your meter.
Data Hold freezes current reading on display
UV sensor with cosine correction measures irradiance
Tripod mount (optional TR100 Tripod sold separately)
from UV-AB light sources up to 40.00 mW/cm
Complete with two AAA batteries and a pouch
Sensor wavelength range 290 to 390nm
Backlit LCD for easy viewing
Zero function
Max Resolution
Basic Accuracy
Measuring Ranges
1 to 3999 µW/cm2
1 µW/cm2
0.01 to 40 mW/cm2
0.01 mW/cm2
5.2 x 1.9 x 1" (133 x 48 x 23mm)
3.2oz (90g)
UV505................ Pocket UV-AB Light Meter
TR100................ Tripod
UPC Code: 793950215050
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Rev. 7/12/17
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