Toro Hitch Kit, Z Master 2000 Series Riding Mower Installation guide

Toro Hitch Kit, Z Master 2000 Series Riding Mower Installation guide
Form No. 3370-906 Rev A
Hitch Kit
Z Master® 2000 Series Riding Mower
Model No. 120-3290
Installation Instructions
Proposition 65 Warning
This product contains a chemical or chemicals
known to the State of California to cause cancer,
birth defects, or reproductive harm.
Installing the Hitch
Install the hitch to the rear frame with 2 bolts (3/8 x 1 inch)
and 2 flange nuts (3/8 inch) (Figure 1).
Some of the machine components will be hot if
the machine has been running. If you touch hot
components, you may be burned.
Allow the machine to cool before performing
maintenance or touching the components.
Figure 1
1. Flange nut (3/8 inch)
3. Rear frame
2. Hitch
4. Carriage bolt (3/8 x 1 inch)
Do not attach towed equipment except at the hitch point.
The maximum drawbar pull is 36 kg (80 lbs).
Never allow children or others in or on towed equipment.
On slopes, the weight of the towed equipment may cause
loss of traction and loss of control.
• Travel slowly and allow extra distance to stop.
Safety and Instructional
Safety decals and instructions are easily
visible to the operator and are located near
any area of potential danger. Replace any
decal that is damaged or lost.
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