Toro Wood Accent Light Installation guide

Toro Wood Accent Light Installation guide
FORM NO. 3315-926
MODEL NO. 52208 39000001 & up
Wood Accent Light
Lamp Replacement Procedure
Remove the lens by
holding it on the
bottom corners and
pulling downward.
Pull the burned-out lamp straight
out of the socket, and replace it
with a new lamp. Use only a
standard 7-watt lamp No. 918
(Toro Model 52960).
Replace the lens by
aligning it with the
backplate and
snapping it into
Note: If the lamp does not light,
check whether the wires on the
lamp are pinched by the contacts.
Installation Procedures
Application A
The Toro
Woodlights™ Lights
are made of the
highest-quality heart
redwood. Before
assembling your
lights, you may want
to seal the wood
parts with a clear
exterior sealer, wood
stain or paint. Or you
may let the wood
weather naturally to
a grey. If you use
sealer or paint on
your deck lights, be
sure the parts are
completely dry
before assembling.
To assemble with the top only: fasten the top to the
backplate, and fasten the reflector and backplate to the
rail using 5/8-inch screws. Run the cable out of the
channel on either side.
Application B
You can also mount the Deck Light flush on a rail or
wall by flipping the top of the other side of the backplate
as shown at the left. First attach the backplate and
reflector to the top, then mount with 5/8-inch screws,
running cable out the channel on either side.
Application C
The lens and backplate can be offset for backlighting by
using the upper holes on the backplate. Fasten the
reflector and top to the backplate, then fasten the fixture
to the rail with 5/8-inch screws.
Wood Accent Light can also be used without the top.
Position the cable in the channel on the backplate and place it in
the corner. Fasten the backplate and reflector to the rail using
5/8-inch screws. The cable must be fastened securely to prevent
the contacts from damage.
Routing Cable
If the lens snaps off
too easily, loosen the
mounting screws.
The lens has break-off tabs on both sides. If you are running the
cable out the side, you must remove a tab. Using pliers, grip the
tab and bend it outward. It will break off and you can snap the
lens on.
Connecting Cables
Connect cables with cable connectors supplied with your kit.
Place the cable from the fixtures in the groove marked “18 GA.”
and the power pack in the groove marked “16 GA.” Now put the
cover over the cables and fasten with a screw.
Versatile Applications
On landscape timber
Up lighting for
On the rail of a deck
Under a rail or step
for safety
Indirect lighting
Mounted to a post or
Up lighting for
Under the rail of a
Offset for backlighting
under a rail or deck
Without wood under
a rail
Without wood under
a step
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