Ricoh MP C2003SP MFP colour Guide

Ricoh MP C2003SP MFP colour Guide
Quick Reference Copy Guide
*The shape of the machine, screen displays,
procedures, and titles in references vary depending
on the machine you are using. Also, not all functions
are available on all machines.
Paper Size
put this guide above your machineg
1. {Home} key
Press to display the [Home] screen.
2. Function keys
No functions are registered to the function keys
as a factory default. You can register often used
functions, programs, and Web pages.
3. Display panel
4. {Reset} key
Press to clear the current settings.
Paper Size
You can check the paper size
using the scale on the exposure glass.
5. {Program} key
Press to register frequently used settings,
or to recall registered settings.
6. {Interrupt} key
7. Main power indicator
8. {Energy Saver} key
9. {Login/Logout} key
10. {User Tools/Counter} key
11. {Simple Screen} key
12. {#} key (Enter key)
13. {Start} key
Press to start copying, printing, scanning,
or sending.
14. {Sample Copy} key
15. {Stop} key
Press to stop a job in progress, such as
copying, scanning, faxing, or printing.
5 6
16. {Clear} key
Press to delete a number entered.
17. Number keys
18. {Check Status} key
19. Media access lamp
20. Media slots
A Press [Store File].
B Enter a user name,
file name, or password
if necessary.
C When [Target Folder to Store] is displayed, specify a folder in
which to store the document if necessary.
How to make
D Press [OK].
E Place the originals.
A Press the {Home} key on the top left of the
control panel, and press the [Copier] icon on
the [Home] screen.
F Make the scanning settings for the original.
G Press the {Start} key.
B Press the {Reset} key.
The machine stores scanned originals in memory and makes
one set of copies.
To find your document, press the
{Home} key on the top left of the control
panel, and press the [Document Server]
icon on the [Home] screen.
C Place the originals.
• Exposure Glass
(Face down)
17 16 15 14 13 12
• Auto Document
Feeder (Face up)
Why use it...
How to use in copy mode...
(Placing Originals, Paper Specifications
Copies... and Adding Paper, Basic Copying)
(Basic Copying)
• To store often used documents centrally and print on demand.
• To reduce network load.
Auto Image Density
Dark texture originals will be copied so that
background will not be reproduced.
Auto Paper Select
Selects a suitable size of paper automatically.
Document Server
For more functions on Document
Server, see “Document Server”, Copy/ Document Server.
Simple Screen
How to save paper...
(Basic Copying)
D Make desired settings.
A See if original is 1-sided or 2-sided (duplex).
E Enter the number of copies.
B Press [Dup./Combine/Series].
F Press the {Start} key.
C Select the original and copy types and/or the orientation.
D Place the originals, and then press the {Start} key.
How to select a color mode...
(Color Copying)
A Select a color mode.
Copies two 1-sided pages
on one 2-sided page.
How to Reduce/Enlarge...
Copies one 2-sided page on
one 2-sided page.
A Press [Auto Reduce / Enlarge].
B Select the paper size.
C Place the originals, and then press the {Start} key.
1-sided Combine
Copies multiple 1-sided or
2-sided originals on one side
of copy paper.
2-sided Combine
Copies multiple 1-sided
originals on two sides of
copy paper.
Copies multiple 2-sided
originals on two sides of
copy paper.
Preset Reduce/Enlarge
A Press [Reduce / Enlarge].
B Select a ratio, and then press [OK].
C Place the originals, and then press the {Start}
key. (Paper size is selected automatically.)
(Basic Copying)
A Press [Finishing].
B Press [Finisher] when the key is
C Select one of the stapling
positions (Copies will be sorted
D Press [OK].
E Enter the number of copies.
F Place the originals, and then
press the {Start} key.
(Basic Copying)
Auto Reduce/Enlarge
© 2013
How to finish your document...
EN AU D148-7530
A Press [Finishing].
B Press [Finisher] when the key is displayed.
C Select one of the punch hole positions (Copies will be hole punched).
D Press [OK].
E Enter the number of copies.
F Place the originals, and then press the {Start} key.
Staple and Punch can be done at the same time.
For more functions on Combine, see “Basic Copying”, Copy/
Document Server.
Availability of finishing depends on your configuration.
When you press the {Simple Screen} key, the screen changes
to the simple screen. Letters and keys are displayed at a larger
size, making operations easier.
Only the main functions can be used.
Advanced features
• Zoom: You can specify
the reproduction ratio in
increments of 1%.
• Magnification: You can
specify the horizontal and
vertical reproduction ratios,
Series Copies
• Separately copies the
front and back of a 2-sided
original onto two sheets.
• Copies two or more
originals in page order.
(Basic Copying, Advanced Copying)
• Image Repeat/Double
Copies: The original image
is copied repeatedly.
• Centering: Moves image to
the center.
• Erase: Erases the center
and/or all four sides of the
original image.
• Stamps: Copies with the
date, page numbers, etc.
Cover/Slip Sheet
• Covers: Create cover sheets.
• Designate: Copies certain
pages of the original onto
designation sheets.
Chapter references in this guide refer to the bundled OI CD; Copy/ Document Server and Paper Specifications and Adding Paper.
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