Conrad energy Endurance ZLF Non-standard battery (rechargeable) AA Z solder tab NiMH 1.2 V 2000 mAh Data sheet

Conrad energy Endurance ZLF Non-standard battery (rechargeable) AA Z solder tab NiMH 1.2 V 2000 mAh Data sheet
Technical Specification
NIMH Size : AA2100RTU-1Z
Nominal Voltage :
1.20 V
Open Circuit Voltage :
≥ 1.40 V
after 16h/0.1C charge
Nominal Capacity
min. 2000 mAh
at 0.2C discharge to 1.0V after 16h/0.1C charge*
Weight ± 5 g :
29 g
Int. Resistance :
25 mΩ
at 1 kHz
Self Discharge :
35% / year
at 20°C storage
Charge Characteristics
Standard Charge :
16 h x 0.1 C (200mA)
Fast Charge :
2.2 h x 0.5 C (1000mA)
Discharge Characteristics
end 1.0 V
0.2 C (400mA)*
315 min
1.0 C (2000mA)*
63 min
* test condition: 20 ± 5°C
Performance Characteristics
Storage Temperature :
min -20 °C
max 40°C
Operating Temperature :
min -20 °C
max 50°C
Cycle life test :
IEC standard
up to 1000 cycles
Cycle life performance (IEC)
Cycle number
0.1C / 16h
0.25C 2.33 h
2 to 48
0.25 C / 3.17h
0.25C / 2.33h
0.25C / 3.17h
0.25 C to 1.0 V
0.1C / 16h
0.25 C to 1.0 V
The endurance test is considered complete when two such seccessive cycles give a discharge
duration less than 3 h of any 50th cycle
Safety Performance
Drop test
Drop to an concrete floor from a height of 75 cm
No machanical and
4 times after fully charge and discharge
electrical abnormality
Short-circuit for 2 hours with 0,75qmm wire
No explosion
after fully charge and discharge
Overcharge test 1
Overcharge test 2
Charge 0.1C / 16h, charge 0.1C / 48h
Discharge time should be
rest 1h, discharge 0.1C to 1.0V
> 5h
Charge 1.0C (-dV:5mV), rest 10 min, charge 1.0A (-dV:5mV)
No leakage should
rest 10 min, charge 1.0C (-dV:5mV)
Discharge 1.0C to 1.0 V, discharge 0.2C to 1.0 V, drop to
No explosion
an concrete floor 3 times, charge 1.0C / 5h
Drop short-circuit
Charge 0.1C / 16h, drop to an concrete floor
No explosion
3 times, short-circuit for 2 hours with 0,75qmm wire
Height (H) ± 0.50mm
49.00 mm
Diameter (D) ± 0.50mm
14.00 mm
Top height (h)
0.30 mm
top diameter (a) ± 0.30mm
8.00 mm
Don´t dissasemble and don´t mix with used or other battery types.
Don´t dispose to fire.
Remove batteries when not in use for long periods.
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