RailKing 30-7720 Woodsided Caboose Operator’s Manual

RailKing 30-7720 Woodsided Caboose Operator’s Manual
Service & Warranty Information
How to Get Service Under the Terms of the Limited One-Year Warranty
When you suspect an item is defective, please check the operator's manual for standard operation and troubleshooting techniques that may correct the problem. Additional information may be found on the M.T.H.
Website. Should you still require service, follow the instructions below to obtain warranty service.
First, e-mail, write, call or fax M.T.H. Electric Trains or a M.T.H. Authorized Service Center (ASC) in your area
to obtain Repair Authorization. You can find the list of ASCs on the M.T.H. Website, www.mth-railking.com.
Authorized Service Centers are required to make warranty repairs on items sold only from that store; all other
repairs may-- or may not be done at the store's own discretion. If you did not purchase the item directly from
the ASC, you will need to select a National Authorized Service Center (NASC) or contact M.T.H. Electric Trains
directly. NASC Dealers are compensated by M.T.H. to perform warranty service for any customer whose repair
qualifies for warranty service. A list of NASC retailers can be located on the M.T.H. Website or by calling 410381-2580. Should the warranty no longer apply, you may choose either an ASC or NASC retailer to service your
M.T.H. Product. A reasonable service fee will be charged.
CAUTION: Make sure the product is packed in its original factory packaging including its foam and plastic
wrapping material to prevent damage to the merchandise. There is no need to return the entire set if only one
of the components is in need of repair unless otherwise instructed by the Service Center. The shipment must be
prepaid and we recommend that it be insured. A cover letter including your name, address, daytime
phone number, e-mail address (if available), Return Authorization number (if required by the service
center, a copy of your sales receipt and a full description of the problem must be included to facilitate
the repairs. Please include the description regardless of whether you discussed the problem with a
service technician when contacting the Service Center for your Return Authorization.
Please make sure you have followed the instructions carefully before returning any merchandise for service.
Authorized M.T.H. Service Centers are independently owned and operated and are not agents or representatives
of M.T.H. Electric Trains. M.T.H. assumes no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for material left in their
possession, or work done, by privately owned M.T.H. Authorized Service Centers.
If you need assistance at any time email MTH Service at service@mth-railking.com, or call 410 381-2580.
Limited One-Year Warranty
All M.T.H. products purchased from an Authorized M.T.H. Retailer are covered by this warranty.
See our Website to identify an Authorized M.T.H. Retailer near you. M.T.H. products are warrantied for one year
from the date of purchase against defects in material or workmanship, excluding wear items such as light bulbs,
pick-up rollers, batteries, smoke unit wicks, and traction tires. We will replace or credit (at our option) any
defective item with a manufactured suggested retail price of $279.95 or less (excluding all motive power and
electronic items), if the item is returned to an M.T.H. Authorized Service Center (ASC) or M.T.H. National
Authorized Service Center (NASC) within one year of the original date of purchase. For any item with an
MSRP greater than $279.95 (including all motive power and electronics), We will repair, replace or credit (at our
option) the defective item without charge for the parts or labor, if the item is returned to an M.T.H. Authorized
Service Center (ASC) or M.T.H. National Authorized Service Center (NASC) within one year of the original date
of purchase. This warranty does not cover damages caused by improper care, handling, or use. Transportation
costs incurred by the customer to ship the product for warranty service are not covered under this warranty.
Items sent for repair must be accompanied by a return authorization number, a description of the problem, and
a copy of the original sales receipt from an Authorized M.T.H. Retailer stating the date of purchase. If you are
sending this product to an Authorized Service Center, contact that Center for their return authorization.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights that vary from state to state. Specific
questions regarding the warranty may be forwarded to M.T.H. directly.
Service Department
M.T.H. Electric Trains
7020 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia MD 21046-1532
410-381-2580, service@mth-railking.com
Woodside Caboose
The RailKing® Woodsided Caboose is the perfect addition to any O Gauge
railroad. Constructed from sturdy ABS plastic, the Woodsided Caboose
boasts an attractive paint scheme and has been designed for years of
This caboose comes fully assembled, decorated, and ready to use right out of
the box. Simply place it on the track and couple it to a train. It features an
illuminated interior, controlled from track power. Follow the easy
instructions in this booklet to change the lights in your caboose.
To replace the interior light bulbs, follow these steps. 1)
1 To remove the shell from the chassis, remove the four mounting
removed, lower the chassis from the shell, taking care not to
pull the wires out. 3)
3 Remove the step platform from each end by pulling the platforms away from the ladders. 4)
4 With the
step platforms removed you can then lower the interior from the shell. 5)
5 Replace the bulbs by pushing the socket up from
the bulb holder and pulling the bulb from its socket. Remove the vertical bulb simply by pulling it from its socket. Replace with a new bulb and reverse the
steps to reassemble the caboose, being careful not to scratch the paint as you fit the ladder back into the step platforms.
You can obtain replacement bulbs directly from the M.T.H. Parts Department (Order online: www.mth-railking.com, e-mail: parts@mth-railking.com,Fax: 410423-0009, Phone: 410-381-2500, Mail: 7020 Columbia Gateway Drive, Columbia MD 21046-1532, ).
Remove these
four screws
Vertical Bulb
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