Samsung POWERstick Jet™ with Jet Cyclone extreme suction, up to 200W User manual

Samsung POWERstick Jet™ with Jet Cyclone extreme suction, up to 200W User manual
Vacuum cleaner
User manual
VS20R90**** Series / VS15R85**** Series
• Before operating this unit, please read the instructions carefully.
• For indoor use only
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Safety information
Name of the parts
Installing the charging stand
Installation guide
Maintaining the vacuum cleaner
When to empty the dustbin
Emptying the dustbin easily without
causing dust clouds
Emptying and cleaning the dustbin
Cleaning the filter
Cleaning the accessories
Notes and cautions
Using the vacuum cleaner
Battery usage
Using the charging stand
Charging the battery
Operating the vacuum cleaner
Using the accessories
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Safety information
• Because the following operating instructions cover various models, the
characteristics of your vacuum cleaner may differ slightly from those
described in this manual.
• Before operating the appliance, please read this manual thoroughly and
retain it for your reference.
Caution/Warning symbols used
Indicates that a danger of death or serious injury exists.
Indicates that a risk of personal injury or material damage exists.
Other symbols used
Indicates that the following text contains additional important information.
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Failure to meet these requirements could cause damage to the internal parts
of the vacuum and void your warranty.
• Read all instructions carefully. Before switching the vacuum on, make sure
that the voltage of your electricity supply is the same as that indicated on
the rating plate at the rear of the handy vacuum cleaner (battery contact
• WARNING : Do not use the vacuum cleaner on a wet rug or floor.
• Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near
children. Do not allow the vacuum cleaner to be used as a toy. Do not allow
the vacuum cleaner to run unattended at any time. Use the vacuum cleaner
only for its intended purpose as described in these instructions.
• Do not use the vacuum cleaner without a dustbin.
• Empty the dustbin before it is full to maintain the highest efficiency.
• Do not use the vacuum cleaner to pick up matches, live ashes or cigarette
butts. Keep the vacuum cleaner away from stoves and other heat sources.
Heat can deform and discolor the plastic parts of the unit.
• Avoid picking up hard, sharp objects with the vacuum cleaner as they may
damage the vacuum's parts.
• Do not block the suction or the exhaust port.
• To avoid damage, remove the plug by grasping the plug, not by pulling the
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• This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience
and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should not clean or perform maintenance on the vacuum without
adult supervision.
• Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the
• The battery must be removed from the main unit before cleaning or
performing maintenance on the vacuum.
• The use of an extension cord is not recommended.
• If your vacuum cleaner is not operating correctly, switch off the power
supply and consult an authorized Samsung service agent.
• If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer
or its service agent or a similarly qualified person to avoid any electrical
• Do not use to suction up water.
• Do not immerse in water for cleaning.
• Please contact Samsung or a Samsung service center for a replacement if
one is needed.
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Charging stand
• Do not modify the polarized plug to fit a non-polarized outlet or extension
• Do not use outdoors or on wet surfaces.
• Unplug the charging stand from the outlet when not in use and before
• Use only the charging stand supplied by the manufacturer to recharge.
• Do not use with a damaged cord or plug.
• Do not pull or carry by the cord, use the cord as a handle, close a door on
the cord, or pull the cord around sharp edges or corners. Keep the cord
away from heated surfaces.
• Do not use extension cords or outlets with inadequately rated current.
• Do not charge a non-rechargeable battery.
• Do not unplug by pulling on the cord. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the
• Do not mutilate or incinerate batteries as they will explode at high
• Do not attempt to open the charging stand. Repairs should be only carried
out by a qualified Samsung service center.
• Do not expose the charging stand to high temperatures or allow moisture
or humidity of any kind to come into contact with the charging stand.
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Vacuum cleaner
• Do not use without a filter in place. When servicing the unit, never put
fingers or other objects into the fan chamber in case the unit accidentally
turns on.
• Do not pick up hard or sharp objects such as glass, nails, screws, coins, etc.
• Do not put any objects into openings. Do not use with any openings
blocked. Keep openings free of dust, lint, hair, and anything that may
reduce air flow.
• Do not pick up toxic materials (chlorine bleach, ammonia, drain cleaner,
• Do not pick up anything that is burning or smoking, such as cigarettes,
matches, or hot ashes.
• Do not use the vacuum cleaner in an enclosed space filled with vapours
given off by oil based paint, paint thinner, moth proofing substances,
flammable dust, or other explosive or toxic vapours.
• If you have a problem with installing the charging stand, contact a
Samsung service center.
❇❇Injury or product malfunction from not installing the charging stand may
not be compensated.
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2019-09-04 오후 10:42:48
Power related
• When installing the charging stand, do not bend the power cord with
excessive force or put heavy objects on the power cord.
––Otherwise, electric shock or fire may occur.
• If there is dust, water, etc. on a pin or contact point of the power plug,
wipe them carefully.
––Otherwise, abnormal operation or electric shock may occur.
• Do not pull the cord and do not touch the plug with wet hands.
• Do not plug the charging stand into a power source with the incorrect
voltage. Do not plug the charging stand into a multi-plug outlet or power
strip. Do not leave the power cord lying on the floor. Attach the cord close
to a wall.
––Otherwise, electric shock or fire may occur.
• Do not use a damaged power plug, power cord, or loose power outlet.
––Otherwise, electric shock or fire may occur.
• If the power cord is damaged, have a Samsung authorized service center
replace the power cord with a new power cord.
––Otherwise, electric shock or fire may occur.
• Do not touch the charging terminal of a vacuum or charging stand with
chop sticks, metal screw drivers, forks, knives, etc.
––Otherwise, product malfunction or electric shock may occur.
• Make sure that the battery terminals of the charging stand do not come
into contact with a conductor such as a bracelet, watch, metal rod, nail, etc.
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––Otherwise, electric shock or fire may occur.
• Do not use the charging stand for other purposes.
––Otherwise, severe damage to the charging stand or fire may occur.
• Make sure that any liquid such as water or juice is not allowed to enter the
vacuum cleaner or the charging stand.
• Do not vacuum liquid, blades, pins, embers, etc. during cleaning.
––Otherwise, abnormal operation or product damage may occur.
• Do not step on the product body or strike the product.
––Otherwise, an injury or product damage may occur.
• The brush and air outlet should not be blocked during cleaning.
––Otherwise, product malfunction or fire may occur due to overheating of
the product.
• This product is intended for household use only. Do not use this product
for heavy duty cleaning, commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, or
cleaning outdoors, especially on stone or cement. Do not use to pick up
chalk powder in and around billiard tables or in hospital aseptic rooms.
––Otherwise, abnormal operation or product damage may occur.
• Do not use the product near heating appliances such as heaters, or in areas
containing combustible sprays, or flammable materials.
––Otherwise, fire or product deformation may occur.
• Before using the product, make sure that the filters are correctly inserted.
––Otherwise, dust can enter the motor inside the main body and cause
product damage. Suction force can decrease.
• If there is a gas leak or combustible spray is used, do not touch the power
outlet and open the window for ventilation.
––Otherwise, an explosion or fire may occur.
• If the vacuum makes a strange sound or emits a smell or smoke, turn off
the vacuum immediately, and then contact a Samsung service center.
––Otherwise, electric shock or fire may occur.
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• Do not use the product near combustible material. Also do not use:
––In a place where a burning candle or desk lamp is placed on the floor.
––In an area where an unattended place heater is turned on or an area in
which there are unextinguished embers in a fireplace, in an ashtray, etc.
––In a place where there are combustible materials such as gasoline,
alcohol, thinner, ashtrays with unextinguished cigarettes, etc.
• Do not allow children to cling to or push the charging stand.
––Personal injury, product and floor damage may occur.
• When you need to store the vacuum cleaner for a short time during
cleaning, lay the vacuum on the floor.
––Otherwise, the vacuum cleaner may fall and could cause an injury or
severe product damage.
• Do not charge the product near a window, heater, toilet, bathroom, etc.
• After using the vacuum cleaner, you should store it in the charging stand
or lay it safely on the floor.
––Otherwise, the product may fall and could cause an injury or severe
product damage.
• Do not store the vacuum cleaner by leaning it against a wall or table.
• Do not use the vacuum cleaner for other than its intended purpose. (Do not
allow children to ride on or play with the product.)
––An injury or product damage may occur.
• Before plugging in or unplugging the charging stand, turn off the vacuum
and make sure that the pins of the power plug do not come into contact
with your hands.
––Otherwise, fire or electric shock may occur.
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• Do not step heavily on the upper part of the wet brush while using it.
• When using the vacuum cleaner, be careful not to hurt yourself on the
moving or spinning parts.
––Be careful not to suction body parts into a brush of the vacuum cleaner
(Hair, etc.).
––Otherwise, product damage or floor damage may occur.
• When cleaning the wall or ceiling, use both hands.
• Use both hands to clean with the vacuum. If you clean with one hand, you
can damage your wrist or drop the vacuum and cause an injury or damage
the vacuum.
• When assembling the vacuum, be careful not to catch your fingers or
hands in the movement fold of the handle.
• Do not use the vacuum cleaner on objects that can be easily scratched
(monitors, stainless steel appliances, etc.).
• Do not store the vacuum cleaner inside a car.
• Do not use water to clean the vacuum cleaner when in use.
• Use the vacuum cleaner in dry places only.
• Do not use the vacuum cleaner in wet places or on water.
• Do not use the vacuum cleaner to pick up spilled beverages or pet waste.
• Do not use the vacuum cleaner in direct sunlight or high heat.
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• Before removing foreign matter inside the vacuum, turn off the vacuum
cleaner first.
––If the vacuum is on while you are removing the foreign matter, you can
hurt yourself or damage the vacuum.
• When cleaning the exterior of the product, turn off the product first and
then wipe it with a dry towel. Do not spray water directly onto the product
or wipe it with volatile materials such as benzene, thinner, or alcohol.
––If water gets into the product and an error occurs, turn off the product
and contact a Samsung service center.
• After unplugging the product, clean the charging stand.
• When cleaning the washable parts, do not use alkaline detergent, acid,
industrial detergent, air freshener, acetic acid, etc.
––Otherwise, product damage such as plastic breakage, deformation,
discoloration, printing deterioration, etc. may occur.
Washable Parts
Dustbin, washable micro filter, ultra fine dust filter,
metal mesh grille filter, dry cloth
Dish washing detergent
Lox, mold cleaner, etc.
Paraffin oil, an emulsifier, etc.
Industrial cleaners
NV-I, PB-I, Opti, alcohol, acetone, benzene, thinner,
Air freshener
Jet spray air fresheners (coffee flavor, herb, etc.)
Animal oils, vegetable oils
Edible acetic acid, vinegar, glacial acetic acid, etc.
• Do not push the vacuum cleaner while it is stored in the charging stand.
––Personal injury, floor and product damage may occur.
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Name of the parts
Pipe (Adjustable)
Metal mesh grille filter
Washable micro filter
Ultra fine dust filter
Dustbin release button
Power( ) button
Suction power control button
Battery level indicator
Battery release button
Pipe release button
Pipe length adjustment button
Brush release button
Vacuum charging part
Accessory holder
Additional battery charging slot
Power cord
❇❇ Battery Spec
VS20R90**** Series : Lithium-ion 21.9 V, 2850 mAh, 6 cell
VS15R85**** Series : Lithium-ion 21.6 V, 1800 mAh, 6 cell
❇❇ Those two batteries are not compatible with each other.
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2019-09-04 오후 10:42:50
Accessories may differ depending on the models.
Pipe (Adjustable)
Soft Action Brush
Turbo Action Brush
Mini Motorized Tool
Combination Tool
Extension Crevice Tool
Flexible Tool
Wet Brush /
Multi-use wet pad
Single-use wet pad /
Attachable pad
Brush holder
User manual
Screws: 2 EA /
Screw anchors: 2 EA /
Fixing hook: 1 EA
Charging stand /
Screw: 1 EA / Power cord
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Installing the charging stand
Installation guide
Assembling the charging stand
1 Assemble the stand pipe to the bottom
support, and fix it with a screw (small).
–– Make sure the direction for the
assembly is correct and push it in firmly
so that the screw hole is made correctly.
–– Do not disassemble it after the
3 Connect the power cord to the rear of the
charging stand.
–– Hold the connection part of the cord
and push it onto the connection pins
firmly until the gray lines on the tip of
the cord are not visible.
2 Assemble the vacuum charging part to
the top of the stand pipe.
–– When inserting the cord into the
groove on the bottom of the bottom
support, charging stand can be installed
close against the wall.
4 Plug in the charging stand.
Fixing by the hook
1 Using the fixing hook as a template, mark
where the top and bottom screw holes
will be placed on the wall.
–– Top: 66 cm from the floor
–– Bottom: 60 cm from the floor
60 cm
66 cm
2 Drill the holes using a 6 mm drill bit, and
put the provided screw anchors into the
3 Fix the fixing hook to the wall with the
provided screws (large).
4 Hook the groove of the charging stand
into the fixing hook.
❇❇ Please refer to the QR code for detailed information on the installation and
charging method of the charging stand.
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2019-09-04 오후 10:42:56
Using the vacuum cleaner
Using the charging stand
❇❇ Make sure the back of the battery
is correctly placed onto the vacuum
charging part.
❇❇ Check if the battery level indicator is
displayed while charging.
❇❇ The battery level indicator blinks while
charging. When charging is complete, the
blinking stops and the light level dims.
Storing the accessories
❇❇ When accessories are disassembled to
be stored, dust may fall from the suction
part of the vacuum cleaner.
❇❇ After cleaning, shorten the pipe length
and operate in MAX mode for 10 seconds.
Storing the wet brush
When the brush holder is assembled to
the charging stand, wet brush can also be
stored at the charging stand.
❇❇ Do not assemble the mini motorized
tool to the brush holder. Otherwise, the
product can be damaged.
❇❇ It the pad is wet and stored at the wet
brush, the wall near the wet pad can be
contaminated. After cleaning the pad, dry
the pad completely.
❇❇ When disassembling the brush holder,
press the 2 release buttons on the holder.
Release button
16 English
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2019-09-04 오후 10:42:58
Charging the battery
❇❇ When the battery level indicator is at its lowest level and blinks(
) charge the battery.
❇❇ When charging the vacuum, make sure the connection part of the charging stand is
correctly connected.
❇❇ The vacuum cleaner cannot be used while it is charging.
• Before ejecting the battery, the product must be turned off. (If the battery is forcibly
ejected while the vacuum is operating, the vacuum can malfunction.)
• Be careful not to drop the battery. If you do, you can injure yourself or damage the
Ejecting the battery
Press the battery release button at the rear
of the handle to eject the battery.
Re-inserting the battery
Push the battery to the end until you hear
it click.
Charging the additional battery
• Charge the additional battery at the
additional battery charging slot at the
bottom of the charging stand.
• Push the battery in firmly.
• Check if the battery level indicator is
displayed while charging.
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2019-09-04 오후 10:43:00
Operating the vacuum cleaner
When the brush clings to the floors such as a carpet, a mat, bedding, etc. or does not spin
properly, change the suction power to 'MIN' or 'MID' mode.
Power ( ) on / off
When pressing the power button, the
vacuum cleaner starts operation in ‘MID’
• When the wet brush is assembled,
operation starts in ‘WET’ mode.
Controlling suction power
You can control the suction power of the
vacuum cleaner.
• + button: Increases suction power.
• - button: Decreases suction power.
❇❇ The suction power control button does
not work in WET mode.
Checking the display
01 Clogged: When the dustbin, pipe, or
suction part is clogged
02 Spinning brush stuck: When a foreign
matter is clogged at the spinning brush
❇❇ If the overheating prevention device
of the motor works, the spinning brush
stuck display will not turn on.
03 No Filter: When the washable micro
filter is not assembled correctly
04 Suction power: Displays current suction
05 Wet brush cleaning mode: When the wet
brush is assembled
❇❇ If the display above 01, 02, or 03 blinks a
few times and the vacuum cleaner stops
operation, please take action by referring
to the maintenance part of this manual.
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2019-09-04 오후 10:43:01
Using the accessories
If the vacuum operates with the spinning brush not working, check whether the brush gets
excessive force or clogged with a foreign matter. (Please refer to the troubleshooting part of
this manual.)
Adjusting the pipe length
Press the button at the rear of the pipe to
adjust the length of the pipe in 4 steps.
Soft Action Brush
Use to clean a floor (wood and linoleum).
Mini Motorized Tool
Use to clean bedding.
Combination Tool
Use to remove dust from curtains, furniture,
sofas, etc.
English 19
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2019-09-04 오후 10:43:02
Extension Crevice Tool
Use to remove dust in grooves of window
frames, chinks, corners, etc.
Flexible Tool
Use to clean the places hard to reach
such as upper or rear parts of furniture or
• The Flexible Tool can be connected to the
Combination Tool and Extension Crevice
Disassembling the accessories
• When disassembling the pipe, press the
release button at the rear of the pipe.
• Before disassembling the accessories,
operate in MAX mode for more than
10 seconds to remove foreign matter
remained in the accessories.
• When disassembling the brush, press the
release button at the rear of the brush.
20 English
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2019-09-04 오후 10:43:04
Wet Brush
Using the multi-use wet pad
wet pad
Use to clean a floor with a wet pad (wood
and linoleum).
❇❇ The Wet Brush does not have a dust
suction function.
❇❇ When attaching the wet pad, make sure
the pad is in the center of the spin disk.
Spin disk
❇❇ After using the wet brush, store it at the
brush holder.
Using the multi-use wet pad
Using the single-use wet pad
Attachable pad
Attach the multi-use wet pad to the spin
Velcro side
Using the single-use wet pad
<Front> <Back>
❇❇ When using the single-use wet pad, make
sure the direction of the attachable pad is
correct. Velcro side is the front side.
❇❇ After using the single-use wet pad,
discard the pad.
wet pad
Attach the attachable pad to the spin disk
attach the single-use wet pad on top
of it .
❇❇ If you use the single-use wet pad without
the attachable pad, cleaning performance
can be degraded.
English 21
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2019-09-04 오후 10:43:05
Maintaining the vacuum cleaner
❇❇ For detailed information, please refer to the QR code.
• Before cleaning the vacuum cleaner, turn it off.
• When the dustbin or filter is filled with dust, the vacuum cleaner may stop due to the
overheating prevention device of the motor.
• You should clean the dustbin or filter before it becomes completely full (Max sign).
When to empty the dustbin
Emptying the dustbin easily
without causing dust clouds
Emptying and cleaning the dustbin
Filter handle
After pressing the dustbin release button,
pull the dustbin in the direction of the
Pull the washable micro filter out by
holding the filter handles inside the
washable micro filter.
22 English
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2019-09-04 오후 10:43:06
While pressing the button,
turn the
dustbin cover and
remove it from the
Remove the dust on the metal mesh grille
filter with the combination tool.
❇❇ Do not pull the rubber attached to the
metal mesh grille filter.
After emptying the dustbin, clean it and dry
in the shade.
Reassemble the dustbin cover aligning the
dustbin release button with the groove of
Put the washable micro filter in the dustbin
cover by fitting in grooves of the dustbin
Assemble the dustbin to the vacuum in the
order shown in the image by pushing it
until you hear it click.
English 23
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2019-09-04 오후 10:43:08
Cleaning the filter
• To maintain the best performance of the filter, remove the dust on the filter frequently
and clean the filter with water once a month.
–– After cleaning, dry completely for more than 24 hours in the shade before use.
Washable micro filter
Ultra fine dust filter
❇❇ When assembling, turn the filter until the line below the lock image is not visible.
24 English
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2019-09-04 오후 10:43:09
Cleaning the accessories
Turbo Action Brush
Mini Motorized Tool
Soft Action Brush
• When the spinning brush is disassembled,
the Turbo Action Brush's EzClean function
automatically removes tangled foreign
matter or hair.
• If the foreign matter is not removed, use
a scissors to remove it.
• When foreign matter remains on the
brush, remove it with a wet tissue or a
dry cloth.
• If a brush does not work after cleaning,
turn the power off and then on again.
• If a cloth or other foreign matter is
vacuumed up and tangled with the
spinning brush (drum), the spinning brush
will stop working to protect the brush
motor. After cleaning the brush, turn the
power off and then on again.
• When cleaning the brush, be careful not
to catch your fingers in the fold of the
• Do not clean the spinning brush and
suction part with water.
• Do not use the Soft Action Brush to
remove moisture such as split liquid and
pet's waste.
English 25
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2019-09-04 오후 10:43:11
Notes and cautions
Battery usage
Wet Brush
• If the spinning brush does not work even
after cleaning the Soft Action Brush and
Wet Brush, the overheating prevention
device of the brush motor might be in
operation. Wait 30 minutes or more to
cool the motor and operate again.
Extension Crevice Tool / Adjustable
• If your vacuum cleaner does not
work after you charge the battery,
change the battery. If it still does
not work with the new battery,
contact a Samsung service center.
• When you purchase a battery in
a Samsung service center, check
for the genuine Samsung logo on
the battery (
) and the
battery name (VS20R90**** Series:
VCA-SBT90 / VS15R85**** Series:
• The battery warranty period is 6
months from the date of purchase.
• Do not disassemble the battery or
the charging stand.
• Do not apply heat to the battery
and do not put the battery in a
• As the battery is manufactured
only for this product, do not use
the battery for other electronic
appliances or other purposes.
• Removing the battery during
operation may cause product
26 English
VS9000_EN_00821F-01_SA_NEW.indd 26
2019-09-04 오후 10:43:34
• If the battery is removed while
the vacuum cleaner motor is
operating, the battery may not
work for 30 seconds after being
re-attached for safety reasons.
• Battery charging time and usage
time may shorten with increased
battery use. When the battery
no longer charges or runs down
quickly, replace the exhausted
battery with a new one.
• Use only the charging stand
and batteries provided by the
• Before inserting the battery,
confirm that the battery is being
inserted in the correct direction
and orientation.
• When discarding a dead battery,
put it into a battery collection box
for recycling.
• If you are not going to use your
vacuum cleaner for a long time,
detach the battery from the
• When attaching the battery to the
vacuum, insert it until you hear a
click. This assures that the battery
is firmly attached.
––Otherwise, the battery may fall
and could cause product damage
or injury.
• Do not drop or strike the battery
or subject it to a sudden shock.
• Do not disassemble the battery
and make sure that you do not
create a short circuit across the
plus (+) and minus (-) terminals.
• Leaks from battery cells can
occur under extreme usage or
temperature conditions. If the
liquid gets on your skin, wash
the affected area quickly with
water. If the liquid gets into your
eyes, flush them immediately
with clean water for a minimum
of 10 minutes. Seek medical
• To protect the motor and battery,
the vacuum cleaner may not
operate when the temperature
is lower than 5 °C or higher than
45 °C.
English 27
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2019-09-04 오후 10:43:36
• If excessive force is applied to a
brush or foreign matter is caught
in the spinning brush (drum), the
brush may stop working to protect
the motor or vacuum. Turn the
vacuum off, remove the foreign
matter, and then turn the vacuum
on. If the vacuum does not start,
turn it off and then on again.
• Static electricity may occur
depending on the humidity,
temperature, or floor material,
etc. in your home. If it happens
repeatedly, contact a Samsung
service center.
• Please charge the battery fully:
• If you are not going to use the
vacuum for a long period of
time or you're going to be away
from home for a long period of
time, unplug the charging stand,
and then detach the charging
stand from the battery. When
the battery is not being charged
and not being used, it will slowly
• When the battery level is low,
recharge it. If the level of the
battery remains low for a long
period of time, it can cause the
performance of the battery to
• Clean the multi-use wet pad of the
wet brush gently with hands by
using a washing soap.
• If the wet pad is exposed to heat
or softener, it may be modified
and product performance can be
––When the battery level indicator
is on the lowest indication and
• The multi-use wet pad can be
cleaned using a washing machine.
However, if it is boiled, the pad
may be modified or discolored
and product performance can be
––Before using a newly purchased
battery for the first time or if
you haven't used the battery for
a long time.
• Use a genuine wet pad of Samsung
Electronics for wet brush.
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• If the wet brush is used without a
wet pad, any product malfunction
will not be covered by warranty
and a service fee will be charged.
• When you purchase an additional
multi-use wet pad for the wet
brush, contact a Samsung service
• When you purchase an additional
single-use wet pad, check the
model name VCA-SPA90.
• When the spinning brush (drum)
inside a brush is working, do not
touch the brush.
––Otherwise, your hand can be
caught and it may cause an
• Sometimes the wheel of a brush
can scratch the floor. Before using
the vacuum cleaner, check the
status of the wheels of the brush.
––If there is foreign matter on the
wheel of the brush which cannot
be removed easily, contact a
Samsung service center.
• If the inner part of the wet brush
is clogged with a large foreign
matter, spinning speed decreases
or stops.
• When assembling the handle, be
careful not to catch your fingers or
hands in the movement fold of the
• Do not clean the brush of the
vacuum cleaner with water.
Cleaning it with water can cause
the brush to deform or discolor.
• Do not use the vacuum cleaner on
items that can be scratched (TV
and monitor screens, etc.)
• Before cleaning the charging
stand, you must unplug the
charging stand.
• If you notice a continuous
reduction in suction or the vacuum
cleaner overheats abnormally,
replace the ultra fine dust filter.
• Before using the wet brush, detach
the wet pad and put some water
on it, then reattach it to the spin
• Storing the vacuum cleaner in
sunlight for long hours may cause
parts of the vacuum to deform or
discolor. Therefore, after cleaning
the parts of the vacuum cleaner,
dry them in the shade.
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Before calling for service, review the problems and solutions below. If none of the suggested
solutions resolve your problem, please visit our website at or call
Samsung Customer Care. Note that you will be charged for any service calls in which no
defects were found.
• Check the battery level and charge the battery.
• Check whether the product is turned off, and then press the
power button to turn it on.
The vacuum cleaner
does not work.
• Check whether the pipe, dustbin or brush is blocked.
• Check whether the washable micro filter is inserted correctly.
• If the vacuum has not been used for a long time, charge the
• If the battery dies, replace the battery.
Suction force decreases
suddenly and the
vacuum makes a
vibrating sound.
• Check whether a brush, dustbin or pipe is clogged with
foreign matter and remove it.
• Check whether the pipe, dustbin is fully filled with dust. If it
is, empty the bin.
• Check whether the filter is dirty. If it is, clean the filter.
• Confirm that the voltage provided to the charging stand
matches the requirements of the charging stand.
The vacuum cleaner
cannot be charged.
• Check if the vacuum cleaner is turned on, and then check if
the LED of the battery level indicator is turned on.
• Check if foreign matter (dust) is on the charging terminal.
Remove any foreign matter with a cotton swab or soft cloth.
The spinning brush
(drum) inside a brush
does not work.
• When the spinning brush stuck display is turned on, turn off
the vacuum and check whether the brush is clogged with
foreign matter. If so, remove the foreign matter and restart
the vacuum.
• Check if the vacuum cleaner is turned on and then turn it off
and on again.
–– For the Soft Action Brush and wet brush, if the overheating
prevention device of the brush motor operates, it may take
about 30 minutes to cool the motor.
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• Empty the dustbin and clean the filters frequently.
An odor is coming from
the air outlet or filter
of the vacuum cleaner.
–– As your vacuum cleaner is a new product, it may have a
slight odor for the first 3 months after purchase.
–– If you use the vacuum cleaner frequently, accumulated dirt
in the dustbin or dust on the filter may generate an odor.
• Replacement filters are available at your local Samsung
service agent.
Cleaning is finished
but small dust particles
come out of the brush.
• After cleaning, operate the vacuum for 10 seconds or more to
suction up the small dust particles.
• As this product has the overheating prevention device of the
brush motor, product will stop operation temporarily for the
following conditions.
Vacuum cleaner stops
operation during
–– When the vacuum operates with a full dustbin.
–– When the vacuum operates with suction part or brush
–– When the Extension Crevice Tool is used for long hours.
• Check these problems then turn the vacuum on after a while.
(This case may differ depending on the ambient temperature.)
Static electricity occurs
when cleaning a thick
and soft mat.
• Materials of a mat (childcare center mat, noise prevention
mat for between floors, etc.) may cause the static electricity.
–– Move the brush on a normal floor for a while and clean
again, then the static electricity should disappear.
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If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products,
please contact the SAMSUNG customer care center.
Country /
Customer Care Center
Web Site
1300 362 603 (Other)
1300 425 299 (HHP)
3698 4698 (Chinese) (English)
1800-22-8899 (HHP)
1800-88-9999 (OTH)
+603-7713 7420 (Overseas
1800 7267864 /
1800-SAMSUNG (Other)
1800 4252997 /
0860 SAMSUNG (726 7864)
1800 40 SAMSUNG (1800 40
7267864) (Toll-Free)
1800 5 SAMSUNG (1800 5
726864) (Toll-Free)
This product is RoHS compliant
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