RIVA RY25060 Instructions

RIVA RY25060 Instructions
Pump Seal Kit
PART# - RY25060
APPLICATION(S): Yamaha VXR/S Models (RIVA SS Intake Grate Only – Part# RY22060)
Disconnect battery cables. NOTE: Negative (black)
first. Positive (red) second.
Remove bolts (4) securing intake grate to hull. NOTE: It
may be necessary to apply heat to bolts to make
removal easier. Do so in small amounts.
Install the two large, flat pieces of Pump Seal Kit into
transom plate.
Insert the two narrow pieces of Pump Seal Kit into rear
opening of RIVA SS Intake Grate.
NOTE: Pieces are tapered and radisued to match
intake grate.
Insert remaining pieces of Pump Seal Kit into rear
opening of RIVA SS Intake Grate.
Word doc. Part # RY25060 © H1 3/12/12
Apply a generous amount of ‘below waterline’ silicone
sealant to all exposed surfaces of pump seal kit inserts
in intake grate.
Test fit intake grate to ensure it seats properly in hull.
Variances in materials (hull, transom plate, pump seal
kit) may require the Pump Seal Kit be relieved to allow
intake grate to be installed properly.
Apply generous amount to edges/sides of intake grate
and front of intake grate.
Remove intake grate. Seal transom plate to pump inlet
tunnel/hull using ‘below waterline’ silicone sealant
leaving a smooth transition from hull to transom plate.
Install intake grate and secure with stock bolts. NOTE:
Apply blue Loc-tite to bolts. Torque to 29 lbf•in / 40
TIP: Fill voids between
transom plate and hull in
pump tunnel.
Remove excess silicone leaving a smooth transition
from hull to intake grate.
Allow silicone to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.
Reconnect battery. NOTE: Positive (red) first.
Negative (black) second.
Remember, the water belongs to everyone.
Please ride responsibly and respect the environment!
Technical Support
For answers to questions regarding installation or trouble shooting RIVA Performance Products contact:
RIVA Technical Support directly at (954) 247-0705 or by e-mail at [email protected]
Word doc. Part # RY25060 © H1 3/12/12
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