Protect from frost/freezing.
Where to use:
Properly prepared interior wood substrates such as floors, doors, trim, paneling, cabinets,
or furniture.
Surfaces should be clean, dry, sound and free from dirt, dust, and surface contaminants.
Sand substrates first, using either fine sand paper, or a fine sanding pad. DO NOT use
steel wool. Always sand in the direction of the natural grain. For staining hardwood floors,
we recommend a lamb’s wool applicator. Remove sanding dust with a lightly waterdampened cloth, or tack rag. Always prepare a test sample first on a scrap piece of wood
before you begin to ensure a sound technique and to achieve a greater understanding of
product performance. Although most stains share some similarities and characteristics, all
vary slightly from one to another.
Do not thin. Stir gently before use and continue stirring during application. Intermix if
using multiple containers to ensure color uniformity. May be applied using a clean cotton
rag, or cloth. If using a brush, maintain a wet edge and do not allow the product to
puddle. Remove excess stain with a cotton cloth. Use a lamb’s wool applicator for floors.
Darker tones can be achieved by allowing the product to sit before wiping. A second coat
may be applied after 20-30 minutes to achieve a deeper, richer look. Allow 2-4 hours
before applying a clear coat. Finish with a minimum of two coats of WoodShield varnish.
Avoid applying at temperatures below 41°F (5°C).
Clean up:
Use warm soapy water.
Maximum spread rate is 100-125 sq. ft. per quart, or 400-500 sq. ft. per gallon depending
on substrate porosity.
Health & Safety:
Avoid overexposure to skin and contact with eyes. Rinse off with water. Keep out of reach
of children.
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