1-Read and understand this instruction sheet completely before using the Trailer Dolly.
2-Design load limit is 600 lbs For the Trailer Dolly alone, not including load supported
by trailer wheels.
3-Always wear ANSI approved safety goggles when working with tools and equipment.
4-Always keep arms, feet, and legs, etc. out from under the trailer tongue while hitching,
unhitching or moving the trailer. Children should always be keep at a safe distance.
5-Always make sure the loaced trailer is blocked properly while the Trailer Dolly is
being moved into place.
6-Make sure the trailer tongue is securely connected to the Trailer Dolly coupler ball
before attempting to unblock and move the trailer.
7-Take precautions to prevent uncontrolled movement of the trailer once it is connected
to the Trailer Dolly. Remember, the slope of a roadbed surface is difficult to judge,
and the pull of gravity can resultin a dangerously out of control trailer.
8-1f the Trailer Dolly clean and free of road dirt. Inspcet the Trailer Dolly before
each use to make sure all parts are securely in place and in working order.
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