Furniture of America 27090BK, 27090WH Installation guide

Furniture of America 27090BK, 27090WH Installation guide
Unless you're particularly adept at assembling
Flatpack/Knockdown Furniture, we understand building
ready to assemble furniture can be a frustrating
experience for some and you'll probably spend at least half
a day per item. No need to panic, though! Here are some
tips on assembling flat-pack furniture so you're not left
with an impossible Lego project and give up in frustration.
Follow these tips for your item and you’ll end up with
beautiful, fully-assembled furniture!
• Do Not throw away packaging material until assembly
is complete.
• Assemble item on a soft surface, such as cardboard or
carpet, to protect finish.
• Choose a spacious, open area near where the piece
will be located. It is easier to move parts than to
relocate the furniture after it is fully assembled,
depending on its size and weight.
• Organize everything and count it twice. If you
organize the items by parts, you'll find it much easier
to grab each piece as you build.
• Check each one for cracks or flaws, such as
improperly drilled holes, and count multiple parts. If
there are any problems or missing pieces, contact the
manufacturer with the part number, model number
of the finished piece, and a description of the
problem to arrange a replacement.
• It is best to use any tools the kit provides, such as a
hex key, because they may be specially sized for that
piece of furniture. But when in need, a Phillips-head
screwdriver & Power Drill are highly suggested for
large projects.
• Read the entire list of instructions, arranging your
parts in order of use as you go.
• Finally, Enlist a help from friends and family since
proper assembly of most items require 2 people.
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