Perfect aire 1PEDP70 70-Pint ENERGY STAR Dehumidifier with Pump Use and Care Manual

Perfect aire 1PEDP70 70-Pint ENERGY STAR Dehumidifier with Pump Use and Care Manual
90 & 70 PINT
With Ejector Pump
before using your dehumidifier,
please read this manual carefully
and keep it for future reference,
along with your receipt.
Quick Start Tips
It is highly suggested that the manual be read in full before operating the
unit. However, the notes below are especially important in helping you to
properly set up and begin to use your dehumidfiier.
1. The dehumidifier should be kept upright. If for any reason it has not been
stored upright while in your possession, set the unit in the upright position
for a minimum of 24 hours before initial start.
2. Press the POWER button to turn the dehumidifier ON.
3. Using the + and — buttons, set the humidity to 30%RH for the first 24 hours
of operation.
4. After the 24 hours, set the desired humidity using the + and — buttons.
Recommended humidity is between 45~55%RH.
5. When unpacking the dehumidifier, note that the foam inside the float mechanism
in the bucket should NOT be removed. Without this foam piece, the
dehumidifier will not operate properly and water can overflow.
Foam piece inside float mechanism.
DO NOT REMOVE this foam piece.
6. The accessories are located in the packaging as follows:
4x Castors (already Pump Adaptor Direct Drain
installed on bottom of unit) (see pg. 8) Hose
O — Washer
fr a
É N ий
27 (4
Find the 16 ft pump hose | | a
in a clear bag taped to the = |
= = | | 7
side of the unit. UL
( |
Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your local authority or retailer
Electrical waste products should not be disposed of with household waste. X
for recycling advice.
SAFETY PRECAUTIOÓONS ..................eeeenenennarnnanennenennnenanenenenennnnnnaneneemenmnnananEnEmNmmm— 3-4
COMPONENTS...........eeeemmnnnrnenenenenanaennnnnenenennananeneneemenannananeneememmnanannnEemEmmmAnAVNNENENEmNNDa 5
FUNCTION EXPLANATION -..........em.ennnnennnnmnnnnzanennennnnannananenenenanananenenemmmanananTNNEEmmm— 6
OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ..............e=emmnnnnarncnnennenannannanenenenanonananenenemenenananenTENemm—— 7
CONTINUOUS DRAINAGE ..................neneeemarninnnnnenennnnnanneneenenonnnsnenenenmnonnnnnenTmEmmm—a 8-9
РУМР ОКАМАСЕ..........неееооннннненененннннннннненннннннннннненненнннннннннеенненнннннннненннннннннннненсн.. 9
CARE AND МА!МТЕМАМСЕ............ннаннненеееннннннненннеееоненнннннененнненннннененнененнннненененс... 10
TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS...............emmemmnnarninnnnnenananenenenenenananananenenennannannEENEmEmananÑNÑ» 11
This manual provides the information needed for proper use and maintenance of this dehumidifier. Basic preventative
care can help extend the life of this unit. The “Troubleshooting Tips” section in this manual contains a chart with
solutions to the most common problems. Referring to this section may save time & prevent the need for a service call in
the event of a problem.
Contact an authorized service technician for repair or maintenance of this unit.
Contact an installer for installation of this unit if necessary.
The dehumidifier is not intended for use by children without adult supervision. Children should be
supervised by an adult to ensure that they do not play with the dehumidifier.
Disabled persons may require assistance with set up and usage of this unit.
If the power cord is to be replaced, replacement work should be performed by authorized technician only.
Installation and repair work must be performed in accordance with the national wiring standards by authorized
personnel only.
NOTE: All the illustrations in this manual are for explanation purposes only. Unit purchased may be
slightly different.
The design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement. Contact
consumer services at 844.472.2473 for details.
e The manufacturers nameplate is located on the rear panel of the unit and contains electrical and other technical
data specific to this unit.
e Be sure the unit is properly grounded. To minimize shock and fire hazards, proper grounding is important. The
power cord is equipped with a three-prong grounding plug for protection against shock hazards. Do not remove
the third prong.
e The unit must be used in a properly grounded wall receptacle. If the wall receptacle you intend to use is not
adequately grounded or protected by a time delay fuse or circuit breaker, have a qualified electrician install a
proper receptacle.
e Ensure the receptacle is accessible after the unit is installed.
e Do not use extension cords or adapter plugs with this unit. However, if it is necessary to use an extension cord,
use an approved dehumidifier extension cord only (available at most local hardware stores).
e To avoid the possibility of personal injury, always disconnect the power supply to the unit before installing
and/or servicing.
O Do not fold the power cord as @ Make sure the plug is pushed fully
shown below! & firmly into the outlet!
O Make sure the plug is clean! O After turning the unit off, please take
the plug out of the socket.
O Do not use an outlet splitter
as shown below!
O Do not grab power plug with
wet hands.
@ Do not place anything on top @ Do not place anything over or on
of the control panel! the inlet or outlet of the unit.
| || I
@ Do not wet the machine or @ Keep flammable gas/oil away from
the control panel! the machine!
@ Do not let children play
with or around the unit or
control panel!
@ Ask a professional if
servicing is necessary!
CAUTIONS (continued)
@ Do not pull from the power cord to avoid
damaging the cord.
i = 77
pue =
@ Do not place the unit on an uneven
surface in order to avoid shaking,
excessive noise, and water leakage.
@ Keep the machine away from any type of
heat source and direct sunlight.
@ Do not use insect, oil, or paint spray around
the machine as it may cause damage to the
unit or start a fire.
O Always keep the unit 8" away from the wall to
dissipate the heat properly. 8" of space on all
sides is recommended.
@ Close all windows and doors in order to
efficiently remove the maximum amount of
@ When moving or storing, do not place the
dehumidifier on its side or upside down and
avoid shaking.
/ ( © -
Located Л!
behind grille.
> ,
Located in bucket for
% 0
© Bucket Full Light
Bucket is full, and lamp
© Defrost Light
When low temperature, unit gets into
"Defrosting" mode and lamp
illuminates. When the coils have
accumulated frost, the unit will go into
auto defrost mode.
© Power
O Fan Speed
O Timer
The timer can be set to run between 1 and
24 hours.
e When unit is in operation, press
"TIMER" and then “+” or “=” to set hours
(TIMER OFF will be illuminated). The
unit will turn off after set hours.
e When the unit is on stand-by, press
"TIMER" and then “+”or “=” to set hours.
The unit will turn on after set hours
(TIMER ON will be illuminated).
e To cancel the timer, proceed as above,
but set both TIMER ON and TIMER
OFF to zero hours. Both lights for
be off.
@ Current Humidity/Timer& Humidity Set Display
When the unit is running, it displays the current room
humidity. Press "TIMER"; the set hours are displayed
here.10 seconds after displaying the timer, the display
will change back to the room humidity.
@ Set Humidity/Timer (+/-)
Setting Desired Humidity: When the unit is running, it
displays current room humidity (%RH). Press "+" or "-"
to select desired humidity setting. The humidity is
adjusted in increments of 5% with each press of "+" or
"-" Adjustable range is 30% RH — 90%RH. A few
seconds after setting the desired humidity, the display
will go back to the current humidity.
Setting Timer: To set timer, follow instructions in the
Timer section.
O Filter Reset Button
After 250 hours of operations, the filter indicator
light will illuminate to remind you to clean the air
filter. Press this button to reset the air filter timer
and to turn off the "Check Filter" indicator after
cleaning the filter.
Display Code | Meaning
E1 Error Code. Room Sensor failure
E? Error Code. Defroster Sensor failure
E3 Error Code. Humidity Sensor failure
O Start Operation
1) Ensure that the unit is plugged into a properly designated
power outlet.
2) Insert the plug into a suitable wall outlet. The dehumidifier
is suitable for operation on an electricity supply having the
same voltage as that shown on its rating label.
3) Place the unit in an upright position on a flat, level, steady,
stable, heat-resistant surface. Make sure there is nothing
flammable or heat sensitive within 39 inches
(100 cm) of the unit. Operating the unit in any other
position is hazardous.
4) Make sure the bucket is placed in the proper position.
(After switching the unit ON for the first time, the "Bucket
Full" light may illuminate. Pull the bucket out, check that
the "float" lever is able to move freely, then push the
bucket back to the proper position.)
@® When Bucket Full Light Is On
When the bucket is full, the unit will stop running, beep 5 times,
and the"Bucket Full" light will illuminate. To empty the bucket,
carefully slide the bucket out from the bottom front of the unit.
Hold the bucket with both hands to avoid spilling. Once the
bucket has been emptied, return the bucket to its proper position
by sliding the empty bucket back into place. The unit will start up
and run normally.
Hold bucket with two hands
when emptying.
When operating in low temperatures (less than 54°F/12°C) the surface of the
evaporator may accumulate frost and effect the efficiency of the dehumidifier.
When this happens, the unit will automatically go into "Defrost" mode. This is
normal and the "Defrost" light will illuminate. Once the unit is done defrosting, it
will resume running as normal. The unit can operate in temperatures down to 41°
F/5°C. Defrost times may vary. If the dehumidifier freezes up, turn the unit off for
a few hours and then restart. It is not recommended to use the dehumidifier in
temperatures below 41°F/5°C.
The "Continuous Drainage” function can be started with the following steps.
1. To save having to periodically empty the bucket,
this unit can be set for continuous drainage. Use
the supplied drain hose and connect it to the
continuous drainage connector located on the
back righthand side of the unit..
Back of the unit
Drain ho N
(Mo e
Drain cover
2. Unscrew and remove the drain cover found at the
rear of the unit.
3. Remove the soft rubber stopper. Place it in the
bucket for safe keeping.
Soft rubber
DD —— Drain cover
4. Return the bucket to its proper position.
Drain hose
<= I Bucket
5. Insert the drain hose (provided) through the hole
of the drain cover with the washer portion on the
inside of the cover.
Drain cover R %
Drain hose
6. Connect the drain hose to the drain port.
/. Tighten the drain cover in clockwise direction
onto the rear of the unit.
When using the "Continuous Drainage” function, a regular garden hose can be
used in place of the drain hose provided. Avoid uneven ground and folding of
the hose. The hose should go on a downward slope and be free of folds/kinks
in order to properly drain into the drain hole. The hose length should not
exceed 6 ft.
6 ft max. regular
garden hose
= , 27 |
HP © e 7
1. Attach the pump hose adapter to the 16 ft clear
hose (both included with the unit).
2. Connect the pump drainage adapter (#1 in
diagram) to the drain hole located on the
bottom left back of the unit (#2 in diagram).
3. When unit's internal tray capacity reaches the
pre-determined water level, the unit will pump
1. Press and hold in the ribbed circle found above the
adapter (#3 in diagram) on the unit.
The continuous drainage adapter will release.
Gently pull the adapter with the hole away from the
unit while continuing to press on the ribbed circle.
Rinse the hose and the adapter by running water
through both before storing in a safe place.
*Hose may be cut shorter if needed
depending on draining distance.
> ON
For safety reasons, make sure the dehumidifier is unplugged
before servicing or cleaning. mp
1) Cleaning the unit:
A. Wipe the unit with a clean, soft cloth.
B. If the dehumidifier is very dirty, use a moist cloth with a mild detergent to clean, then
wipe off the detergent with a semi-dry cloth.
Л CAUTION: Do not wash the machine with a hose or immerse it in water. This may
result in electrocution.
Cleaning the air filter:
The purpose of the air filter is to filter dust and other materials from the air. If the filter
Is blocked with dust, the electricity usage will be higher than normal. For optimal
moisture removal and efficiency, clean the filter every 2 weeks.
O Cleaning Steps:
1. Remove and empty bucket.
2. Pull the air filter out gently from the bottom of the front panel.
3. Clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner or wash it with clean, luke warm water and dry
with a dry cloth.
4. Put the clean air filter back in place and continue to operate the dehumidifier.
If a problem occurs, unplug the machine and contact consumer services at 844.472.2473.
Do not disassemble the dehumidifier yourself!
Before calling for service, review the chart below first.
~~ ® Make sure the dehumidifier plug is pushed completely into
the outlet.
® Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box.
mg) ® Dehumidifier has reached its preset level or bucket is full.
® Water bucket is not in the proper position.
e Unit is set to a humidity level that is higher than the current
humidity level in the room.
Unit does not start
© Did not allow enough time to remove the moisture.
e Make sure there are no obstructions such as curtains, blinds
or furniture blocking the front or back of the dehumidifier.
e The humidity control may not be set low enough.
mg e Check that all doors, windows and other openings are securely
closed and that room is not too large.
e Room temperature is too low, below 5°C (41°F).
® There is a kerosene heater or other device giving off water
vapor in the room.
Dehumidifier does not
dry the air as it should
: | e The air filter is clogged. |
| me a ming | ® The unit is tilted instead of upright as it should be.
e The floor surface is not level.
Frost appears on the | nun» | e This is normal. The dehumidifier has Auto Defrost feature.
\ coils
| " ® Hose to connector or hose connection may be loose.
Water on floor инф)» | ® Ensure back drain plug on bucket is in place and secure. |
._® Make sure the float is in place.
E1,E2,E3 and EC | mu» | e These are error codes and protection code. See the
- appear in the display ~~ CONTROL PAD ON THE DEHUMIDIFIER section on pg 4.
e Check that entire connection is secure and accurate.
e Check that the unit is level.
\_not work e Check that the hose is clear of kinks and is not blocked.
Continuous drain does | mun)» |
e Check that there are no kinks in the hose.
Pump drain does not ming ® Check that the adapter is installed properly.
work properly ® Remove the adapter and hose. Run hot water through
both in case there is a blockage.
If these steps donot resolve the issue, call 844-472-2473 for assistance before
returning unit to the store.
perfect aire®
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Specification and performance data is subject to change without notice.
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