Cooks Club USA VC02RBL User guide

Cooks Club USA VC02RBL User guide
Notes on Use
❐ Always check the device for damage before putting it into operation. If the
device, cable or plug shows visible signs of damage, the device must not be
used. Do not use the de-vice if it has malfunctioned or been dropped in
❐ If the device, the cable or the mains plug is defective, do not attempt to
repair the device yourself. In the event of damage, contact the customer
service department or contact a specialist in your local area.
❐ The device should only be used in closed rooms.
❐ Always place the device on a dry, level, firm and heat-resistant surface and
at a sufficient distance from flammable objects. If necessary, place a heatresistant surface below the device.
❐ Maintain a sufficient distance from heat sources such as hobs or ovens in
order not to damage the device.
❐ Ensure that it is not possible for others to trip over the connected mains
cable. Do not allow the cable to hang over the edge of tables or kitchen
counters. Others may become caught and pull the device down.
❐ Do not pull or carry the device by the cable.
❐ During operation of the device, do not place any objects (spoons, knives etc.)
into the feed tube or into the rotating inserts.
❐ The device is not suitable for constant use. Do not operate the device for
more than two minutes without interruption.
❐ Do not operate the device for a lengthy period without food.
❐ In the event of damage/faults, switch the device off immediately.
❐ Do not leave the device unattended when it is switched on.
❐ Use only original parts from the manufacturer.
❐ Do not drop the device or allow it to be knocked violently.
❐ Do not expose the device to extreme temperatures, wide temperature
variations, or direct sunlight.
❐ Keep children away from the device during operation.
❐ The device should only be used when it is fully and correctly assembled!
❐ Do not reach into the rotating inserts or the feed tube during operation.
❐ Keep hair and clothing away from rotating parts of the device.
❐ Be careful when handling the inserts; the blades are sharp! When removing, or
inserting the inserts, only over touch the plastic parts and never the blades
❐ Switch off the device and pull the mains plug out of the plug socket before you
change any inserts or insert or remove the insert holder in order to prevent the
device from accidentally switching on!
❐ Do not operate the device for more than two minutes without interruption!
❐ Do not force food into the feed tube.
To achieve the best cutting results, we recommend that you chop the
food up into smaller pieces before you place it into the feed tube. This
will make it easier to push the food down the tube using the plunger.
Using the Device
1. Place the device on a level, non-slip surface.
2. Connect the device to a properly installed plug socket.
3. Place a bowl beneath the opening of the insert holder in order to catch your
4.Switch on the device by holding down the On/Off
switch. Press the On/Off switch briefly one to two times
before you place any food into the feed tube so that the
cutter insert locks on the drive shaft of the motor unit.
5.Then hold down the On/Off switch and place the food
which is to be cut up into the feed tube.
6.Use the plunger to push food further down.
7.Let go of the On/Off switch to switch off the device.
8.Remove the mains plug from the socket after use.
9.Remove the insert after use.
10. Clean the device and the accessory parts after each
use in the manner described in the "Cleaning and
Storage" chapter.
Cleaning and Storage
❐ Remove the plug from the mains socket before cleaning the device.
❐ Never immerse the motor unit in water or other liquids.
❐ Be careful when handling the inserts; the blades are sharp!
❐ Do not use corrosive or abrasive cleaning agents to clean the device. These
could dam-age the surface.
As required, wipe down the motor unit with a damp cloth. Then dry the
device with a dry cloth.
Clean the insert holder, the inserts and the plungers with clear, warm water
and a little mild detergent or clean them in the dishwasher.
Store the device in a dry place that is not accessible to children and
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