LNC A02960 Installation guide

LNC A02960 Installation guide
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Item Number: A02960
WARNING (To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons):
1. We suggest installation by a licensed electrician.
2. Please read the instruction carefully and save it as you may need it at later time.
3. Before you start, NEVER attempt any work without shutting off the electricity until the work is done. A). Go to the main
fuse, or circuit breaker, box in your home. Place the main power switch in the “OFF” position. B). Place the wall switch in
the “OFF” position.
4. Mounting surface should be clean, dry, flat, strong enough and 1/4” larger than the canopy on all side. Any gaps between
the mounting surface and canopy exceeding 3/16” should be corrected as required.
5. Make sure that the ceiling or wall can stand the weight of the lamp before fixture.
6. Make sure the voltage you are using is 120V. The maximum wattage is 60W per bulb.
7. Keep the lamp away from acidic and basic objects in case of damaging the surface of the lamp.
8. When replacing bulb, you should turn off or unplug the lamp and you must wait until it is cool as bulbs get hot quickly.
9. The safety instructions appearing in this manual are not meant to cover all possible conditions that may occur. It must be
understood that common sense, caution and care must be used with any electrical products.
Image for finished product:
Accessories List:
We are here to help: [email protected]
Installation Procedures:
1. Open the package and take out all the parts or accessories, then place them on a clean flat place.
2. Mount the Hanging Plate① against the wall using Screw ②.
3. Connect wire from lamp to the Ceiling,wiring instructions as below.
4. Fix lampbody ③ to the wall using screw cap ④.
5. Install bulb ⑤ (not including).
6. Check everything installed correctly, then you can turn on the light.
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