Amazing Rake RK-31010, RK-31000, RK-31020 Operating instructions

Amazing Rake RK-31010, RK-31000, RK-31020 Operating instructions
Step 1
Place rake “Top” on flat surface. With both
hands, align male ends of rake “Bottom” over
female ends of rake “Top”. Push down firmly to
snap into place.
Step 3
Swing wishbone
strut over. Make
sure that the long
end of slide grip is
facing away from
rake head
Insert rake handle
through slide grip.
Step 6
Screw rake handle into rake head. Note: It is important to guide
the threaded end of the rake handle toward the top of the female
threaded opening. Tighten to a snug fit. Do not over tighten.
Step 2
Open the rake head and lay on a hard surface so front side is
facing up. Lay wishbone strut across the rake head as shown so
the ends of the wishbone strut align directly over keeper rods.
Note: Make sure points “A” and “B” on wishbone strut match up
with points “A” and “B” on rake head. Apply firm down pressure
with the palm of your hand or the sole of your foot to snap into
Step 4
Extend telescope handle by twisting upper section
of handle to the left to loosen, fully extend handle,
twist back to the right to tighten.
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of consumer purchase. It is important that you keep the
original sales receipt as proof of purchase for this warranty
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replacement of the product itself. The warranty does not
include damage to the product resulting from accident or
If the product should become defective within the
warranty period, please call or write our business office
with details. We will either send new parts(s) to replace the
defective part or elect to send a new replacement rake free
of charge. This is your exclusive warranty.
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