MORLEY MDBS Owner's manual

MORLEY MDBS Owner's manual
Thanks for buying the Morley® Dual Boost Distortion
The Dual Boost Distortion is an analog overdrive style distortion. It works
great as a standalone distortion but also to enhance your amp's distortion.
It has two boost switches: Boost Distortion adds boost only when Distortion
is engaged. Boost switches on a clean boost in any pedal mode.
CONNECTIONS: The Dual Boost Distortion powers from one 9V battery or
optional Morley Adapter (DC jack is located next to INPUT jack). Using a
standard guitar cable, simply plug guitar into INPUT jack, connect a standard
guitar cable from the OUTPUT jack to the Input of your amplifier.
The right side DISTORTION switch turns on/off the distortion. LED will light
when distortion is turned on. The pedal has four knobs:
DRIVE: Controls distortion from mild overdrive to cranked amp distortion.
TONE: Controls tone of distortion.
LEVEL: Controls the overall loudness of the distortion.
BOOST: Controls the amount of boost in Distortion Boost mode or Boost
The middle switch engages a boost only when in distortion mode. LED will
light when Distortion Boost is turned on.
The left side switch engages a clean boost. This boost can be engaged in
distortion mode or in bypass mode. LED will light when Boost is turned on.
This product is warranted for two years from date of purchase with a copy of
your purchase receipt. To obtain warranty service, please contact Morley®
customer service at [email protected]
Morley® Pedals 100 High Grove Blvd Glendale Heights, IL 60139
(800) 284-5172
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