Morley XVO-4 4 CHANNEL VOLUME Owner's Manual

Morley XVO-4 4 CHANNEL VOLUME Owner's Manual
For purchasing a Morley® pedal. You now own the best 4 way
Multi-Channel Volume pedal made!
Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the features of your new
pedal. With common sense handling, it should last for years. We know you will
appreciate the rugged construction of your Morley®. Most of all, we hope you
enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed building it.
This 4 way Multi-Channel Volume Pedal has been specially designed for
gradual volume increases as the pedal 1s moved from off (toe up) to mid-travel
(halfway between toe up and toe down). From mid -travel to full on (toe down)
the volume increases faster. This audio taper combination gives you majestic
volume swells - great for pedal steel effects - when using the full pedal travel
(toe up or toe down) or subtle volume change with slight pedal movement. The
pedal should be plugged into your signal chain directly after your instrument and
before devices that add gam (such as preamps, distortion and overdrive effects).
Plugging into the pedal after these type of effects may result in unwanted
volume in the “off” position. NOTE: How fast you move the pedal affects
how the volume increases. The slower you move the pedal, the smoother the
volume increases.
INPUTS (Channels 1-4): Input jacks. Plug instrument into these jacks using
1/4” guitar cables,
OUTPUTS (Channels 1 - 4); Output jacks, Connect amplifier(s) to these jacks
using 1/4” guitar cables.
The XVO-4 is à passive pedal. That means that no power is required for the
pedal to function.
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