Morley BCV-ST CHORUS VOLUME Owner's Manual

Morley BCV-ST CHORUS VOLUME Owner's Manual
You now own one of the finest expression pedals made, the
Black Gold Chorus Volume. To insure your satisfaction,
please take a few moments to read this booklet which will
point up features of the product that may be new to you.
Above all, we hope you enjoy your new "Morley" as much as
we enjoyed building it for you.
This Morley pedal controls electrical signals with (LED)
light sources and electro-optical resistors which do not
wear or make mechanical or electrical noise. They last
for many, many years with no maintenance.
The power sources for the pedal are either batteries or an
AL line operated adapter, whichever is mare convenient. The
BCV-ST uses two nine volt batteries. This is especially
useful for traveling musicians who encounter line noises,
varying voltages and power conditions in different parts of
the world. The line adapter is available in 120 and 240
volt models and delivers power to the pedal at 12 to 16
volts DC negative ground. When the adapter is plugged in,
the batteries are automatically disconnected.
Power is turned on or off by inserting or removing the plug
from the amplifier jack.
1 - Connect the musical instrument to the pedal by plug-
ging one end of a shielded cable to the instrument
and the other to the jack labeled "instrument" on the
side of the pedal.
2 - Use another shielded cable between the jack marked
"amplifier" on the side of the pedal and the input
of your music amplifier.
3 - Set the controls on your instrument and your amplifier
to their usual settings.
When the heel is all the way down the signal is turned off.
' As the toe is gradually depressed, the signal smoothly
turns on and gets progressively louder. 1t reaches full
volume just as it approaches the limit of its travel.
To introduce chorus or vibrato depress and release the foot
switch. The LED will come on. Adjust the speed and depth
control for the desired sound. The speed range is from
one cycle per 7 seconds to 10 cycles per second. The LED
‘pulsates at the speed rate.
For chorus, the speed control is turned counter clockwise.
Rotating the speed control clockwise gradually increases
rate to vibrato. Adjust speed and depth to the most |
pleasing sound consistant with the style of music.
To achieve a beautiful stereo effect, connect a second
cable from the stereo amplifier jack to a second amplifier.
Set both amplifiers to the same volume and tonality. The
amps should be as far apart as practical and always at
least 10 feet apart if both speakers are facing in the
same direction.
The volume function îs always active allowing for full
musical expression. The BCY Stereo is designed for use
with and will enhance the sounds of virtually any amplified
musical instrument.
We highly recommend the use of alkaline type batteries.
Their much longer life makes them more economical than
other types. In addition, they are unlikely to leak
damaging chemicals.
Use of the adapter eliminates battery expense.
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