Koxx KOXX-404, KOXX-402 Installation guide

Koxx KOXX-404, KOXX-402 Installation guide
Assembly Instructions for Koxx Unicycles
1. Place the fork upside down in a suitable
(work)stand (or ask another person for help.)
2. Put the rubber slips into the axle retainers
3. Insert the wheel into the fork retainer.
4. Put the remaining rubber pads into the halfround counterparts of the axle retainer. Put
them opposite to the fork axle retainers on the
axle bearings.
5. Tighten the 4 bolts and nuts. Inflate air into tire,
following pressure specification on tire.
6. Screw in the pedals and tighten them with a
15mm open end wrench. Pedals and crankarms
are marked with L(left) and R(right). Please
mount accordingly.
7. Put in saddle and seatpost. Tighten the seatpost
clamp. Seatpost must be put in to the marker
on the tube at least.
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