Winflo UR010C30 30 in. Under Cabinet Slim Design Range Hood in Stainless Steel with Push Button, LED Light and Aluminum Filters Use and Care Manual

Winflo UR010C30 30 in. Under Cabinet Slim Design Range Hood in Stainless Steel with Push Button, LED Light and Aluminum Filters Use and Care Manual
reduce to low (three bars will be illuminated). Pressing the Fan button
after the low speed setting will shut off the fan.
> Timer:
o Whenthe fans are operating, touch the Timer button one time. This will
turn on the timer mode and the display with show a flashing 01:00, after
8 seconds the display will stop flashing and begin counting down. Each
time you press the timer button, it will increase by 1 minute with the
maximum timer setting of 60 minutes. Within the last 3 seconds of the
timer setting, the range hood will make three beeps.
o When range hood is on, touch the Power/Standby once and the shut off
timer will set to 60 seconds. Touch the button twice and the fan will turn
IMPORTANT: Clean the hood and panel filters frequently per the following
instructions. Replace the panel filters before operating hood.
Exterior Surfaces
To avoid damage to the exterior surface, do not use steel wool or soap filled scouring
pads. Always wipe dry to avoid water marks.
Cleaning Method
Use liquid mild-detergent soap and water, do not use hard abrasive cleaners.
Wipe with damp soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge, then rinse with clean water
and wipe dry.
e Clean your range hood using a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and liquid detergent.
e Always wipe in the direction of the grain pattern.
e After cleaning rinse with water.
e Make sure range hood is dry after cleaning.
® Do not use steel wool or like products as this will cause scratching and iron
residue that could lead to rusting and corrosion.
* Donotwipeagainstthe grain pattern as this will impact the original finish.
* Donotusechlorine bleach.
Grease/Baffle Filter
* Remove the filter by pulling the spring release handle and then pulling down
the filter.
e Washfilters as needed in dishwasher or hot detergent solution (low temperature,
short cycle).
e Ifyour model has a grease tray, please remove, drain and clean periodically.
* Make sure filters are completely dry before putting back into range hood.
* Reinstall the filter by making sure the spring release handles are toward the
front. Insert filter into upper track.
e Pushthe spring release handle.
e Pushup on filter and release handle to latch into place.
Grease tray
e Periodically remove the grease tray (K) and clean built up grease collection.
Replacing the LED light (Replacement Bulb Part Number: WRHLB1S2)
° Turn off the range hood and allow the LED light to cool.
o To avoid damage or decreasing the life of the new bulb, do not touch bulb with
bare fingers. Replace bulb wearing cotton gloves to handle bulb.
° If new LED light does not operate, make sure the lamps are inserted correctly
before calling for support.
To replace:
1. Disconnect the power cord to ensure unit does notturnon.
2. Remove filters.
3. Reach behind the light and push towards you until the light pops out.
4. Disconnect the electrical harness.
5. Attach new bulbs tothe electrical harness.
6. Snap bulbs back into unit and replace filters.
7. Reconnect the power cord.
Electrical harness connection
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