Light It! 20034-108, 20034-101, 20036-101, 20036-108, 20036-107 Operating instructions

Light It! 20034-108, 20034-101, 20036-101, 20036-108, 20036-107 Operating instructions
12-LED Wireless Porch Light
Instructions and Installation
Features & General Information
The Porch Light is completely weatherproof and can safely be mounted
outdoors without special tools. It works great indoors too!
This light operates by sensor only. It does not have an on/off switch. The
built-in motion sensor automatically turns on the light when a moving heat
source is detected. The light comes on for approximately 45 seconds and
remains on as long as motion continues to be detected in the area. The
Porch Light also has a built-in photo sensor which prevents the light from
being activated during daylight hours.
Installing The Light
1ab Slide the mounting plate off the back of the Porch Light as shown in the
illustrations above. Do not remove any of the screws on the back of the Porch Light.
2 Remove the Porch Light from the mounting plate.
3 Making sure that the
Motion sensor
arrows on the mounting plate are visible and
pointed upwards, securely fasten it to the wall or other stable surface using 3
wood screws (included). Please note that it is generally recommended to drill
pilot holes prior to fastening the screws. In some cases, special fasteners for
surfaces such as drywall, cement or brick may be required.
4 Reattach the Porch Light to the mounting plate. Adjust the light and sensor
as needed by swiveling it on the mounting plate and/or tilting the light head.
To avoid damage to the electrical components, please observe the following
Do not mix battery types
Do not aim the sensor directly towards the sun.
Battery Installation
1 To access the battery compartment, grasp the black circular frame of the LED
panel and turn it counter-clockwise until it releases
2 Remove the panel and the battery housing from the body of the light.
Do not shake or drop the light.
Do not expose the light to static electricity.
Please note that the light circuit requires 90 seconds to stabilize after the
batteries are inserted.
3 Squeeze the tabs on the side of the battery cover to open it.
4 Install 4 D batteries noting the polarity symbols on the battery compartment.
Light will not turn off
If the light does not turn off after battery installation and initial circuitry set, we
recommend testing it by placing it in dark room away from any possible heat and
light sources. If operating normally, the light should turn off after 30-45 seconds if
no motion is present.
5 Replace the battery cover and place the light head back into the body of the
light, turning it clockwise, until the arrow aligns with the dot to seal.
Selecting Location
The Porch Light sensor detects both heat and motion. It has a maximum
detection distance of 25 feet with a 100 degree angle. To ensure reliable
detection, the Porch Light should be installed at a height between 6 to 8 feet.
Whenever possible it should be installed at least 30 feet away from the street or
in a shielded area to prevent activation by cars, pedestrians or animals.
Please note the following conditions may cause false
activation or erratic operation:
Heat sources (barbeques, air conditioners, or exhaust vents)
Reflective surfaces (pools, ponds or light colored walls)
Shaded areas
External light sources such as street lights
Fulcrum Products, Inc. • [email protected] • 503-274-1227
Light will not turn on
Photo sensor only allows operation in low light.
Check to make certain your batteries are fresh.
Check the alignment (polarity) of the batteries.
Check to make certain that the battery cover has been properly installed.
Temporarily Deactivating the Light
Pivot the light head upward so that it cannot detect motion below.
Batteries: 4 D cell alkaline or Ni-mh
Battery Life: 6 months to one year
depending on the frequency of activation.
Voltage: 6V DC
Light Output: 270 lumens, initial output
Color Temperature: 6,000 Kelvin
Light Duration: 30 - 45 sec, remains on if
motion is detected
Detection Angle: 100˚ cone
Max Detection Distance: 25 feet
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