Panasonic FV-40VQ4, FV-20VQ3, FV-30VQ3 Installation guide

Panasonic FV-40VQ4, FV-20VQ3, FV-30VQ3 Installation guide
Insert the circular duct (6 inches) to the adapter,
Seal duct to duct adapter with mastic or mastic tape.
Mastic tape
(seal flange to ceiling with caulk)
Finish ceiling work by sealing gaps between flange and
ceiling with caulk or approved sealant. (Fig. 7)
The ducting from this fan to the outside
of the building has a strong effect on the
air flow, noise and energy use of the fan.
Use the shortest, straightest duct routing
possible for best performance, and avoid installing the fan with smaller ducts than recommended.
Insulation around the ducts can reduce energy loss and inhibit mold growth. Fans installed with
existing ducts may not achieve their rated air flow.
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