Hey! Play! M350033 Installation guide

Hey! Play! M350033 Installation guide
Hey! Play! Giant Inflatable Bowling Set
Equipment: 6 inflatable pins and 1 inflatable ball
Set-up: to inflate, gently squeeze the plastic input hole for each item and blow air
into it. When you have reached the desired size, close with the attached plug.
How to Play: The jumbo pins are 24” tall, and perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
They have a flat, semi-weighted bottom, to help them stand for initial set-up. To
begin a game, stand up three pins in a row approximately 5-10 inches apart, then
set up two more in front, also 10 inches apart and 10 inches in front of the back
row, and then one more in front of those, to resemble the picture above. Use the
ball to roll at the pins, and the person who knocks the most pins down in one roll
wins. You can also set up your own rules such as awarding certain points for
knocking down certain pins. For extra fun, you can also set-up the pins at the end
of a water slip-n-slide, and be a human ball by sliding into the pins yourself!
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