Gartenkraft XW-225S, XW-40S, XG-75S Installation guide

Gartenkraft XW-225S, XW-40S, XG-75S Installation guide
With Slow Rewind System
Installation and Operation Guide
Congratulations on your purchase of the XW Auto Wind Hose Reel. This specifically designed unit
features a slow rewind system, recoiling the hose slowly and safely, with every use. Pre-assembled
and ready for use, the Auto Wind Hose Reel comes complete with hose, hose end fittings, multi-function,
handspray, wall mounting bracket and screws.
A. Wall mounting bracket
B.Metal C
C. Reel
D. Inlet hose connector
E. Outlet hose connector
F. Multi-function handspray
G. Water inlet hose
H. Hose connector
[. Washer X 4
J. Wall plug X 4
K. Screw X 4
L. Water outlet hose
Installation Instructions
1. Select a suitable position to mount your 2. Drilling the holes with a 12mm masonry
Auto Wind Hose Reel. The Hose Reel drill bit and insert the wall plugs.
should be mounted at approximately Mount bracket on wall and secure with
waist height. A scram
3. Hanging the back of the reel withthe 4. Using the inlet hose connect the tap and
Metal C. the reel.
Change the hose
1. Follow the figure E , pull out the 7, Follow the figure F, release the two screws
hose till the end and turn the kn before pulling out the connector.
ob to “ Lock ” position with the “
click” ,then check the knob if loc
ked the drum by double pulling
the hose.
3. Follow the figure G, dismount nut 4. Repeat the above process , ensure the nut
and clip from the connector before be tightened with wrench.
pulling out hose of the reel.
Instructions for Use
Now that your Auto Wind hose Reel is securely mounted and connected to the
tap it is ready for use.
1. Before first use, turn the water on at the tap 2. The automatic locking ratchet will hold the
and unwind the hose. The hose will unwind hose in place at the desired length. The
by simply taking hold of the hose and mechanism will ‘click’ as the hose is locked
walking away from the reel. This will allow in place or rewound.
water to flow freely through the hose and
3. To release, pull the hose away from the reel. 4. When walking back to the reel, release the
You will feel the hose start to rewind, walk Water pressure in the hose (through the
back with the hose towards the reel. Do not handspray or nozzle). This will ensure full
simply let go of the hose. and even retraction of the hose.
The Auto Wind Hose Reel is designed for home watering applications using cold water
only. It is not intended for commercial applications.
Before use, ensure the reel is securely attached to the wall and free of obstructions.
Do not place undue force on the reel casing. Doing so may damage the casing or the
Children should not be allowed to operate or play with the Auto Wind Hose Reel.
Ensure children are clear of the hose and casing when unwinding.
Always walk the hose back to the reel when rewinding.
Always turn the water off at the tap when the Auto Wind Hose Reel is not in use.
Always check the knob if it is in the right position before you change the hose.
This product and its components are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period
of 36months from the due date of purchase provided the product has been used in accordance with the manufacturer’
recommendations. Our obligation under this guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement, at our discretion, of the
product within three year from the date of purchase.
Use of this product outside of the manufacturer s recommendations or disassembling of the hose reel will void the warranty.
In the interest of better quality and value we are constantly updating our product. Consequently the pictures on the
packaging, and in this installation and operation guide may differ from the model enclosed.
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