AKDY CF0005, CF0001, CF0003, CF0002, CF0006, CF0011 User manual

AKDY CF0005, CF0001, CF0003, CF0002, CF0006, CF0011 User manual
Recirculating Installations & Carbon Filters
Non-Vented (Recirculating) Installations
Carbon Filter Care Guide
Ordering Carbon Filters
If it is not possible to vent cooking fumes and vapors to the outside, the hood can be used in the non-vented (recirculating version, fitting a carbon filter at the motor. Fumes and vapors are
then recycled through the top grille. Do not block the chimney
holes and vents on either side.
Carbon filters have to be replaced approximately every 6 months
depending on the frequency of use. They cannot be washed and
reused. Please replace carbon filters when your kitchen air is no
longer smelling fresh and dispose of the used ones.
Carbon filters can be ordered on: ShopRangeHoods.com or by
phone at: +1 (626) 321-9834. Please ask for Sales.
Installation Steps for Recirculating
1 set of carbon filters (2 pcs.) [”Recirculating Kit”]
Step 1: Remove the mesh or baffle filters
Step 2: Locate the motor and the carbon filter clips on each side
Step 3: Place the carbon filters into the corresponding ends of the
Step 4: Twist each carbon filter until it clips into place
Navigate to Replacement Parts in the navigation bar
Click Recirculating Kit
Under Options, click and choose your model number/PID
Checkout to complete the ordering process
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