Splash Pad – MODEL 1540
This equipment may be used by persons with restricted physical, sensory or mental ability, or limited experience
and/or knowledge, if they are supervised, or they have been given instructions relating to safe use of the
equipment and the risks which may result.
To avoid any risk of scalding, drain some water from the garden hose on hot days, before connecting to the
In winter, it is very important that the shower is completely drained, and if you are in any doubt, we recommend
you store the shower in your garage.
Never leave children or anyone with a disability unattended.
Please help and supervise children when in use!
Do not jump off this shower.
The pad can only be used by one person at a time.
The pad can load 15kgs-120kgs
Water pressure should be at least 1.5 bar for normal operation. If pressure is over 5bar, please use a pressure
1. Take the white limit pipe clamp off and check whether the valve can rebound before use.
2. Place the shower on a stable, horizontal surface.
3. Connect the garden hose.
4. Open the water tap to test the water height/flow and water drop point, step on the middle of the platform. Your
body weight will open the spray valves. If the water is too low, it can be adjusted by rotating the directional valve
outward. If the cross point is too high, it can be adjusted by rotating the directional valve inward.
1. Rotate the directional valve 90 degree.
2. Buckle the stopper on the other end of the
spray pipe and pull it out.
3. Press the directional valve and make the
spray pipe upwarp, lift the other end of the
spray pipe to disassemble it.
4. Remove the pipe plug on the end.
5. Flush the spray pipe with water directly.
6. Flush the nozzles with tap water.
7. Follow the steps of disassembling above and reinstall it.
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