Saint-Gobain ADFORS FDW8639-U, FDW8638-U Operating instructions

Saint-Gobain ADFORS FDW8639-U, FDW8638-U Operating instructions
Wall Repair Patch
Time Required: 15 min + dry time
Skill Level: Easy
Materials Needed:
Wall repair patch
Taping knife
Joint compound
Sandpaper or sponge
1. Select patch size 1/2” larger than the hole on all sides.
2. Clean repair surface area removing any loose debris. Wipe away
3. Peel away patch liner and apply patch to surface. Center patch
over the hole. Press down firmly on all edges.
4. Using taping knife, apply compound. Feather around edges,
concealing the patch. Allow to dry.
5. Sand repair site lightly, then apply a thin finishing coat of compound. Allow to dry.
6. Sand to a smooth finish. Additional finish coats may be applied
as needed.
7. Prime and paint.
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