Hey! Play! M350035 Classic Wooden Blocks Stacking Game with Colored Wood Use and Care Manual

Hey! Play! M350035 Classic Wooden Blocks Stacking Game with Colored Wood Use and Care Manual
 Hey! Play! Color Wooden Wobble
Stacking Game
Contents: 48 colored wooden blocks that are used to build a
vertical tower, and one die.
Objective: to dismantle the tower by removing and replacing
blocks to rebuild it without losing any of the blocks or causing
the tower to tumble over in the process.
How to Begin: Build the tower by placing three blocks in the
first level lengthwise in a north-south direction, and placing the
blocks in the next level in an east-west direction, alternating
directions by level until all 18 levels have been built.
Playing the Game: You can play on teams or individually. Each team takes turns rolling
the die, and then taking one block in the color indicated on the die from any level of the
tumble tower and replacing it on an incomplete top level, causing the structure to grow
even higher. Any block on any level can be used, as {ong as it matches the color on the
rolled die, except those from the level directly below the incomplete level,
Moving Blocks: Only one hand at a time should be used to remove or replace a block,
and players are not permitted to hold or steady the tumble tower with the other hand.
Blocks must be lightly tapped or knocked in order to find a loose one that is safe to move
without causing the tower to tumble. The player's turn is over once the next person
touches the tower or after 10 seconds has elapsed — whichever comes first.
Ending the Game: The game ends once the tower tumbles or moves, even if only one
or two blocks fail, The only moving biock allowed in the game is the one being moved
and replaced during a player's turn.
Losing the Game: The loser is the player who causes the tower to tumble. If may not
be their fault, but if the tower falls during their turn, this player is counted as the loser.
However, if only one or two blacks fall, the players can agree to put them back on the
tower to continue playing.
Winning the Game: The aim of tumble tower is not only to avoid being the toser, but
alsa to build the tower as high as possible,
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