KennelMaster K644WWBL/C 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 6 ft. Welded Wire Dog Fence Kennel Kit Installation Guide

KennelMaster K644WWBL/C 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 6 ft. Welded Wire Dog Fence Kennel Kit Installation Guide
Assembly Manual
1. Check Parts Make sure you have all the parts prior to assembly
and try to get familiar with all the parts on packing list. If an item is
missing, please contact [email protected]
2. Lay out panels (fig.1) Two panels for each of the four sides. The
1-inch leg extensions are at the bottom of the panel and should face
inward in this step.
Model: DK644WC
Vinyl-Coated Metal Kennel
3. Connect Panels (fig.3 & 4) Place clamps about 6 in. from the top and bottom and fasten with
bolts and wing nuts. Make sure the front and rear panels are placed to the outside of the side
panels. (Note the corners in fig.2) The width of the kennel will be increased if not placed correctly,
and the roof truss frame will not fit in next step. Note: wing nuts should face outside of kennel for
pet safety.
4. Install Roof Truss Frames (fig.5) Insert roof truss frames into the corner ends of the kennel.
5. Install Ridge Pole (fig.6 & 7) Fasten the wide ends of one set of ridge pole clamps to one truss
frame, as close to the peak as possible. The clamp pieces should be at the top and bottom of the
frame, facing together. Insert one ridge pole into the narrow end of the clamp. Insert the other end
of the pole into another set of clamps, and fasten it to the other truss frame. The ridge pole should
be attached to both ends of the kennel, perpendicular to the truss frames.
6. Roof Cover Drape roof cover over frame and evenly attach with bungee cords.
7. Gate Latch (fig.8) Fasten gate latch to the gate panel at a convenient height.
M Side
Rear Top View
fig. 1 fig. 2
fig. 5 fig. 6
fig. 3 fig. 4
fig. 8
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