Atlas 98191 36 in. Roof Closure Strip (4-Pack) Instructions / Assembly

Atlas 98191 36 in. Roof Closure Strip (4-Pack) Instructions / Assembly
Ridge Cap
Outside Closure
Butyl Tape
Roof Panel
Roof Edge
Roof Deck
Start at the eave by positioning a line of butyl tape on the roof edge. Remove the release paper on the tape and
gently embed the foam closure strip.
Install metal roofing panels, fastening through the closure strip with the appropriate amount of fasteners as set
out in local building codes.
When you get to the ridge, apply another line of butyl tape to the roof panel. Remove the elease paper, then
embed the closure strip, just before installing the ridge cap.
SM-Rib Foam Closures have locking tabs at each end for secure joining of lengths.
Inside Closure
Outside Closure
Working above grade is inherently dangerous, be sure that proper fall protection measures are in place.
When working with power tools and sheet metal, gloves and eye protection are absolutely required.
These installation guidelines are for use with typical or standard applications. Refer to SM-Rib installation guide for panel and flashing install details. It is
always recommended to seek advice from a licensed professional, and to check with your local building inspector or building permit office for approvals and
possible variations that may apply.
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