TFA 45.2033 TableStand Chrome Thermo-Hygrometer Full Product Manual

TFA 45.2033 TableStand Chrome Thermo-Hygrometer Full Product Manual
Thermometer with capiliary
Sometimes the liquid in the glass tube (capillary)
will have become split or seperated during
transport. lt is possible to force the liquid
together again by shaking the thermometer
strongly in a downward direction.
Thermometer with needle
The thermometer has already been adjusted in
the factory. Should you wish to check the
thermometer, place it next to a well-calibrated
instrument for half an hour. Any correction can
then be made using a screwdriver at the rear of
the thermometer.
The hygrometer indicates the atmospheric
humidity in %. In order that the device continues
to work reliably in the long term, we recommend
that it be regenerated regularly, at least once a
yaer. To do this, wrap the instrument in a moist
piece of cloth for 30 minutes. The hygrometer
should then indicate 94-96 %. If this is not so,
the instrument can be readjusted at the rear by
using a screwdriver,
rable variations
measuring pc
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