Hey! Play! HW3300014 Kids Binoculars Instructions / Assembly

Hey! Play! HW3300014 Kids Binoculars Instructions / Assembly
Hey! Play! Binoculars
1. How to use your binoculars - Inter- pupillary distance adjustment.
Set the inter-pupillary distance by grasping the lens barrel and bending the body of your
Binoculars until you can see a one circle view.
2. Focusing
a. Close your right eye and view an object with your left eye. Focus the Binoculars by
rotating the center focus wheel until the image is sharp and clear.
b. Repeat with left eye.
c. Now that both sides are in focus, you should only need to use the center focus.
3. Rubber fold-down cups
This convenient feature allows spectacle wearers to use the Binoculars comfortably.
eyecups fold down for use with glasses and fold up for use without.
4. How to care for your Binoculars
a. When wiping the lenses, use the lens cloth that comes with the Binoculars or a soft
lintless cloth. To remove dirt or smudges, add spectacle lens cleaner to the cloth.
b. Store your Binoculars in a moisture-free area.
Never attempt to clean your Binoculars internally or take them apart.
Viewing the sun can cause permanent eye damage.
with this product.
Do not view the sun
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