WIMBERLEY PP-200 Tripod & Monopod Accessory User Manual

WIMBERLEY PP-200 Tripod & Monopod Accessory User Manual
Tips and Tricks
The Plamp ® II PP-200
Extending the reach of your Plamp II
If you need more reach one option is to attach the Plamp II to an object other than your own
tripod. Another option is to extend the length of your Plamp by adding extra links to its arm.
We sell a 12” long extension (part # PP-222). The trade-off to adding extra length to your Plamp
is that it becomes less rigid.
12” Plamp II Extension ($8.00)
Reconnecting the ball-and-socket joints of your Plamp
If the articulating arm is bent forcefully beyond its normal range of motion, it is
possible for the segments to pop out of joint. Fixing this is simply a matter of
popping the segments back together. If you have a hard time reconnecting the
joints (we realize it takes quite a bit of force), you can warm the socket (female)
end in hot water (boiling or near-boiling). This will cause the socket to expand
and make it easier to pop the ball portion into place.
Package Contents: The Plamp II (Qty 1)
Wimberley, Inc.
1750 Broadway St
Charlottesville, VA
22902 USA
Dimensions (coiled-up): (L x W x H): 9” x 8” x 1.5” in
Maximum extended length: 23 inches
Weight: 7.9 oz (224g)
Made in USA
Toll Free: 1-888-665-2746 (USA & Canada)
[email protected]
5 Year Warranty – See www.tripodhead.com/warranty.cfm for complete details
Fine control using the Plamp Rod Extension
For extra dexterity try using the Plamp Rod Extension in conjunction with the Ground Plamp or a Plamp II connected to a
tripod leg or Plamp Stake.
Camera Generated Vibrations
If your Plamp is secured to your cameras tripod, it is
possible for vibrations from mirror slap to travel through
the Plamp to your subject, negatively affecting image
sharpness. This issue is magnified when you add the
12” extension to the plamp.
The Plamp Clip
Clip Body
Plamp Rod Extension ($19.00)
The clip is custom designed to hold
anything from the most delicate plant stems
to heavy reflectors and diffusers. It is made of
nearly unbreakable ST Nylon
Thumbscrew Turn the thumbscrew to open or close the jaws of the clip.
Compared to typical spring-activated clips, thumbscrew activated clip jaws allow
for more finesse when holding delicate objects, as well as much higher maximum
clamping force when desired.
Arched Recess
reliably grip cylindrical
objects such as small
flashlights and branches.
Ground Plamp
Rod Extension
Jaw opening band
This elastomer band puts tension on the clamp’s moving
jaw so that it opens when you loosen the thumbscrew. It
is made of weather/UV resistant EPDM
We strongly advise using mirror lock-up
(if your camera has this feature)
Move desirable background or
foreground elements
into the picture.
Alternately, you can attach the Plamp II to an object not
connected to your camera such as our plamp stake
(part# PP-300) or a second tripod.
Important Feature
These vibrations are not a concern when
Holding objects that are not in the picture
(e.g. reflectors & diffusers).
Foam Jaw Inserts
Grip delicate objects without damage.
Reflector/Diffuser Notches
Special notches in the clip’s jaws grab the steel rim on reflectors and
diffusers, providing a secure, slip-free attachment (applies to typical cloth
reflectors/diffusers with steel perimeter hoop). This new feature is a drastic
improvement over other clips currently on the market.
Move distracting background or foreground
elements out of the way
The firm grip allows you to make precise adjustments to the angle of a reflector.
You can even hold diffusers cantilevered straight out above your subject
Plamp II
Wimberley, Inc. ©2017, All Rights Reserved
Rev. 170220
About the Plamp II
Using Reflectors and Diffusers
The Plamp II will hold 12” reflectors and diffusers in any position without problems.
The Plamp II is an articulating arm used to hold macro subjects and other useful objects. The large black clamp on one
end attaches to your tripod leg, Plamp Stake, or any other suitable solid object. While the other end (with the small clip)
grasps the object you wish to hold.
20” reflectors, which are generally held in a relatively vertical position and not fully
cantilevered out, can be held and positioned confidently with a single Plamp.
20” Diffusers can be cantilevered above your subject using one Plamp, however
it is pushing The limits of the Plamp’s holding capacity. It might take some
Experimentation to find a position that will hold. Aggressively bending
the joints of the Plamp back and forth until they start making a louder
squeaking noise will temporarily increase the holding power of the Plamp.
For diffusers larger than 20” in diameter we suggest using Two Plamps.
(Two Ground Plamps or a Ground Plamp and a Plamp II
clamped to the Ground Plamp)
Video Available
Please visit our site for more in-depth information
about the Plamp II including a video tutorial.
12” Reflector
Hold reflectors, diffusers, small
lighting units or shades to prevent
lens flares
24” Reflector
Ground Plamp
Steady wind-blown
plants for ambient light
Move your subject into the
desired position for lighting
Change the orientation of your
subject to make an impossible
camera angle into an easy one
30” Reflector
Move your subject to isolate it
from distracting background or
foreground elements
Ground Plamp
Plamp Stake
Extension Tube
Ground Plamp
Move distracting background
or foreground elements out
of the way
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