YENOCK ZN-DP7001 User manual

YENOCK ZN-DP7001 User manual
Digital Photo Frame
User Manual
Before operating the unit, please read this manual carefully, and retain it for future reference. This
manual will help you use the many exciting and useful features that will make your photo frame
viewing more enjoyable. It includes a step by step guide to the basics on photo frame operation
including instructions on uploading and playing photos, music or video.
Notes of Importance
1) Please keep the device away from excess temperature (50 C above), too cold (-10 C below)
or wet place.
2) Do not grievously hit the device or place something heavy on it.
3) Only use the accessories specified by the manufacturer.
4) Please keep the device away from benzene, diluents or other chemical.
5) Keep the device away from water.
6) The product should be serviced by the professional serviceman, do not try to service it
by yourself.
7) Please unplug the power plug of the product when not in use for a long time or during the
8) In order to avoid damaging the touch panel, never place the heavy or sharp objects on the
touch panel when use or transport it.
9) Arrange all cables and cords so that people and pets are not likely to trip over or accidentally
pull on them move around or walk through the area. do not allow children to play with cables
and cords.
€ Display digital picture in Hi-resolution and great quality
@ Create an automatic slide show with multiple transition effects and optional background music.
€ New auto-rotate feature shifts photos when frame is turned vertical.
€ Supports jpeg, jpg, bmp, png images up to 12 Mega Pixels.
€ Plays mp3 music with the integrated stereo speakers.
@ Plays mp4, 3gp, avi, mpegl, mpeg2 and mpeg4 movie files stored on supported memory cards.
& Accepts many memory cards including SD,MMC,MS cards, Compact Flash as well as USB flash
€ New Calendar mode with slideshow and alarm.
* User friendly on screen display lets you easily access all features.
€ Includes a credit card sized remote control.
Machine accessories.
€ Photo frame, power adapter, remote control, warranty card and user manual.
Remote Control
Ny E:
o Y Mute but it can not work in the system setup state.
© (2) In any status, press it to display the photo with thebackground music .
© ¢) Power on/off.
@ PHOTO Enter the photo play mode directly, but it can not work in the system setup state.
@ MUSIC Enter the photo playing mode directly, but it can not work in the system setup state.
@ MOVIE Enter the photo playing mode directly, but it can not work in the system setup state.
@ Pll Play or pause the file
© EXIT resume the current playing.
© © D Y Move the cursor up/down/left/right
O O <» Adjust the volume.
@ ENTER Confirm and enter.
@ OSD View some data of the file.
@ CALENDAR Enter the calendar play mode directly.
© © VOL+ VOL- Adjust the volume.
@ © « »» Choose to speed or fade back , in the movie playing state.
@® © < » Zoom in or rotate while viewing photos.
E 1 o» Play the previous or next one program.
Main Menu
After turning on the unit, if you have memory devices inserted into the frame (ie SD/SDHC or
USB Flash Drive), they will appear as an extra icon in this Menu. this screen will appear:
Use the [<][ >] [4][ Y] buttons to navigate, then press ENTER to select an option.
- 2 -
Viewing Your Photos
After selecting the memory device you want to view your photos from, you will see several options
displayed in the diagram below. Select ‘Photo’ to view your photos by pressing ENTER. You will
now have accessed to your photos in thumbnail view. You can navigate through your photos using
the [A][ Y] buttons. Press ENTER to start playing your photos.
Note: If there are no photos on your memory device, you will not continue to the next screen.
During a slideshow, you can press the MENU button and an info bar will appear on the screen.
This allows you to skip back and forth through the slideshow, rotate a photo, stop the slideshow
or zoom in on a photo. Press [ <<] to zoom in, [ »>] to rotate.
Listening to MP3 music
Select the desired media menu and press ENTER.
A list of music files will be listed on the left side of the screen. The right side will show the frequency
chart and information status bar. The song information will display below the status bar. Use the
[A ][ ¥] buttons to select the music file and press ENTER to play.
Play a Slideshow with Background Music
Ensure that you have at least one picture and one MP3 music file saved on the selected memory card
or USB flash drive.
Select the desired media menu and press ENTER to enter into photo slideshow mode, then press
[8] button on the remote control to begin the slideshow with background music.
- 4 -
Playing Video Files
The digital picture frame supports the following video formats: Motion JPEG (avi format used by
most digital cameras), MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4.Select the desired media on the main menu and
press ENTER.
A list of all movie files will be listed on the left side of the screen. The right side consists of the movie
preview window and information display of the current movie. Use [A ][ Y] buttons to select and
press ENTER to play.
Once a movie is playing, press the [ II ] button on the remote control. The following display menu
will appear.
Select the ‘setup’ icon from the main menu, to adjust the settings on your Digital Photo Frame.
2017/10/10 escay Calendar
From here, you will see the various options:
[A / V] button: Move through items or choose parameters
[ </ > button: Change the parameters
ENTER: Confirm/ save changes
EXIT: Back to home menu.
Calendar and Clock Display
To view the calendar, choose the calendar icon from the main menu. a photo slideshow will play in
a small window in the left.
If an error occurs
Before asking for replacement or return, please confirm the following contents. If it still
does not work properly, please contact the Customer Support Center.
[Q1] - When the picture is compressed to play?
[A1] - For vertical compression, please set the display mode to [Original Size] .
[Q2] = - It may be freezed when you switch picture back and forth?
[A2] - It will t take time if the picture size is too big, it would be solved by picture
resizer or some other picture editing software.
[Q3] - Pictures which are organized in folders of USB memory disk / SD card do not
play back in display order but randomly played across the folder.
[A3] - This product plays all the image files in the order of file name (numerical
alphabetical order) without distinguishing the folder of the external storage.
[Q4] - If your personal computer is Apple Mac series, it seems that the product of
those products has also invoked Mac's resource fork files beginning with ". " as images.
They are all displayed as strange icons as below:
[A4] - After copying the Mac file to the USB memory or SD card, a hidden file named
resource fork remains in the USB memory disk, and it is not reproduced / recognized by
this item, but use a Mac hidden file cleaner like Removable Disk Cleaner therewith you
can delete all the unnecessary files on external storage.
Please contact us for the Removable Disk Cleaner called “diskcleaner22-codesign”
If there is something wrong with the product, please feel free to contact us without hesitation.
Customer support email address: [email protected]
- 8 -
Warranty Card
Thanks so much for your great support on us, we are always striving to achieve your satisfaction and
improved thinking, as our distinguished customers, all of us will serve you wholeheartedly.
1. The warranty is only valid when the warranty card is properly +Failure of the product arising from incorrect installation not
completed and upon presentation of the proof of purchase consisting consistent with technical or safety standards in current force, or
of original purchase of the product on Amazon. failure to comply with product manual instructions.
. . . . . eAccidents, acts of God or any cause beyond the control caused by
2. The warranty is not applicable in cases other than defects in material,
. . . lighting, water, fire, public disturbance and improper ventilation.
design and workmanship, the warranty does not cover the following:
«Over the warranty period.
ePeriodic checks, maintenance, repair and replacement of parts due to
normal wear and tear.
We warrant this products as free of defects in material, design and workmanship for a period of
12 months from the original date of purchase.
Limited Warranty
Please contact us in advance if you need to return, and attach with your order number, we will tell you the local
place to return back.
r ~
WARRANTY PERIOD: | 12 months from the date of purchase
To obtain warranty service, please contact us at:
[email protected]
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