Kissarex Adults Compact Travel Binoculars: 8x21&10x25&10x42&12x50 Mini Small Size Lightweight Best Outdoor Theatre Tactical Hiking Kids Concert Sports Camping Low-Light Night Vision Waterproof User manual

Kissarex Adults Compact Travel Binoculars: 8x21&10x25&10x42&12x50 Mini Small Size Lightweight Best Outdoor Theatre Tactical Hiking Kids Concert Sports Camping Low-Light Night Vision Waterproof User manual
When you open the left and right sides of the binoculars,
do not exceed the maximum position, also be careful not
exceeding maximum position when you rotate the diopter
loop, focusing loop and zoom lever.
(Figure 7)
2. Avoid the erosion of rain, water splash, sand and mud
erosion. For water-resistant binoculars, although a small
amount of rain won't cause damage, it should also be
wiped off as soon as possible.
(Figure 8)
3. Always protect binoculars from shocks. If normal images
are not available after falling the binoculars,
6. Don't put binoculars in the hot weather or in the car
under the hot sun. Also don't get close to heating e
quipment, which can cause damage or negative effects
on the binoculars.
(Figure 11)
7... Afterremoving the dustwith a blower, please clean the
surface of the binoculars with a clean soft rag.Not use
benzene, diluent or other organic agents.
(Figure 12)
8. When removing dust from the lens surface, please use a
soft, oil-free brush.
9. When there are stains like a fingerprint
Beautify products, a better life
1. Interpupillary distance
«— >
2. Diobter loop
3. Adjustable eyecups
4. Diopter indication
5. Central focus knob
6. Non-slip rubber body
1. Adjust the center-focus
until the left sight clearly.
| —
2. Adjust the right eye lens until
getting one clear image.
3. Adjust the binoculars
until getting a single
circular field.
In order to avoid personal injury or property damage to you
and third parties,we kindly ask you to pay close attention to
all instructions and precautions related to the use and
maintenance of this product.
1. Eyepiece eyecups adjustment:
Glasses-wearing user: No glasses user:
No need to fold
Fold eyecups down. the eyecups.
2. Interpupillary distance adjustment:
Adjust the distance between two eyes by moving the distance of two eyepiece tube
inward or out ward, so that they are the right width for your eyes.
3. Diopter adjustment:
For use of focusing the diopter adjustment loop or focusing loop,you can focus on a
close object by turning it counterclockwise and focus on a distant object by turning-
it clockwise.
Please note: If you adjust focusing 1. Rotate focusing loop until the
at low magnification when you ch- left eyepiece gets a clear image.
ange the magnification from low to
high grade, then serious image b-
lurring may occur.
2.Rotate the diopter adjustment
loop of the right eyepiece until
the right eyepiece also obtains a
clear image of the same subject.
A es
| a м
3.Check if the focusing of both
eyes is clear.
When you observe different
objects, adjust the focusing loop
until you can get a clear image.
1. Never straight watching the sun with iy
binoculars as it can cause serious damage Va Fare)
to your eyes.
(Figure 1).
2. Any neglect of the misuse recorded by this
manual may cause the risk of death or serious injury
to potential personnel.
they should be sent to the dealer where you on the surface of the lens, use a small №
purchased the product for inspection. | Fae amount of pure alcohol to remove the (Figure 19
А Figure 9) numiditv mav cause moisture stains by soft clean cotton cloth, no
| condensation or water mold on the lens flannel or plain paper, as they may
scratch the lens. O E
surface. Therefore, keep binoculars ina (Figure 8) (Figure 13) (E am
cool, dry place. 10. Use a soft brush to remove dust from ED
5. For long-term storage, binoculars should the focus wheel, diopter adjustment _
be stored in plastic bags or sealed т part or other rotating components. £m
containers with a certain amount of & A (Figure 14) р > e Fare 13
desiccant. If without these conditions, ©) | ramo 7
please store them in a clean, well- = —
ventilated place and isolate them from
thebag as they are susceptible under | (Figure 14
moisture. Gare
(Figure 10)
Thank you for purchasing the binoculars products from Tinya. 4. Center and right eye focusing type binoculars usage instructions:
Do not put binoculars in an unstable place as binoculars
may fall and cause injury.
Because the eyecups are very short, there may be a case
that the folding eyecups rebound. In order to protect your
eyes, you can use binoculars directly without folding the
binoculars eyecups.
Don't watch the binoculars when you are walking. You may
misjudge the distance or fall. (Figure 2)
Do not arbitrarily throw or vigorously swing
the binoculars, which may hit others and
cause personal injury. (Figure 3)
If you use rubber eyecups for a long time,
it may cause inflammation of the skin. If
you notice any related symptoms, please
consult your doctor immediately.
Be careful not to pinch your fingers when
adjusting the interpupillary distance or
diopter. Especially when children use
binoculars, they should be more careful.
(Figure 4)
Be careful not to let your child accidentally
swallow the lens cap or eyecup. If this
happens, please go to the hospital
(Figure 5)
Never attempt to disassemble the
binoculars repair work should be handed
over to professionally trained binoculars
engineers. (Figure 6)
(Figure 2)
= | | (Figure 3)
(Figure 4)
(Figure 5)
y (Figure 6)
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