D&L . Turntable User Guide

D&L . Turntable User Guide
1. Software installation
1.1. Insert the CD disk into drive of PC, and read it;
1.2. Open the software, double press the file "Audacity.exe", then press "next" to go forward;
1.3.Choose I accept the agreement,and press "NEXT"to go forward;
1.4. Press "next" to go forward;
1.5. Choose the desitination location, and press to go forward;
1.6. Press "next" to go forward;
1.7. Waitting for installation finished, and press "finish" to end the installation;
1.8. Choose the language as user's need;
2.1. Open the software;
2.2. Choose "Edit" menu, then choose "Preferences";
2.3.Press "Preferences", set it as pcture below;
2.4.Press "Record" to start recording onto PC, and keep the recorded music in WMA or MP3 format
to keep the file onto PC, located as user likes,
Recording finished.
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