Pyle PLCM7200 Installation manual

Pyle PLCM7200 Installation manual
Monitor Hook-up:
Red: 12 Volt+ key ignition controlled should lose power with the car in the off position.
Black: 12 Volt – grounding polarity constant earth ground
Green: Reverse Positive + 12 volt Trigger. This will allow the monitor to auto turn on and show
Cam/AV2 video source upon placing the vehicle in reverse
Yellow RCA AV1: Optional external video input from a DVD or alternate camera system
Yellow RCA AV2/Cam: This is the port that that should run from front to back and connect to the
Camera’s yellow port.
Camera Hook-up:
DC power input has a Male DC connection on one side then a red black wire on opposite side
Red: 12 Volt+ Reverse controlled should send power with the car in reverse.
Black: 12 Volt – grounding polarity constant earth ground
Yellow RCA plug: Direct wire to monitor up front
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