Deegotech 43237-2 Cable User Manual

Deegotech 43237-2 Cable User Manual
USB C Cable User Manual
Product Specification:
Brand: Deegotech
Length: 10 Feet
Color: Black and White
Bend Lifespan: 10000+
Data Speed Max: 480 Mbps
Input Current Max: 2.4 A
Package: Retail Plastic Bag
Package Include: Deegotech USB C Cable 10FT (1 PACK)
1.Before use, please check if the product is in good condition, if any defects were found, please stop using the product immediately.
2.Plug the connector into your electronic devices, make sure it stay plugged in and won’t fall out of your devices.
3.If your electronic devices are fully charged, plug out the connector from your devices and remember to switch off the power source.
4.Please use a dry towel or tissue to clean the product.
1.Do not use a unmatched or defective wall charger or adaptor to connect with the product. e.g. Input current of wall charger > Input Current Max of the product
2.Avoid from water, sun exposure, hot or cold temperature
3.Stop using the product if any tear and wear were shown
4.Keep the product away from babies and children
5.Do not use the product as a rope and toy
6.Do not disassemble the product
After Sales Service:
Product is covered by one year warranty.
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