JOYO JF-02 User manual

JOYO JF-02 User manual
 ®&JOYD Manual ТИ
Thank you for purchasing our product, please read these instructions carefully before using it.
| . Warning
1. Do not disassemble or repair this unit by yourself.
2. Do not use or store this unit in the following circumstances: high temperature, high humidity, dirty or strong shock places.
3. Do not drop off this unit or bump this unit off hard surface.
Do not use cleaning liquid or alcohol to clean this unit in case of damage.
Remove batteries if not using the unit for a long period of time.
6. Please dispose the used battery properly.
II . Battery replacement
1.Press the front of the battery cover and then slide back to remove the cover. Take out the flat batteries.
2.Put the battery into the battery compartment by placing the negative(-) pole of battery facing inside. Insert the front of cover
and then press down and push to close.
III. How to use
A. Connect the input jack with the guitar tightly, the effects pedal will start working then.
B. DRIVE——Adjust the degree of distortion.
С. TONE——Adjust the intensity of the tone.
D. LEVEL——Adjust the volume of the sound.
E. MODE——mode high has higher frequency than mode low.
F. LED will be in red light when the effect pedal in use. If no light or in the dim light, please change new battery.
G. Power adapter——When use the power adapter, the battery supply will be cut off automatically.
IV. Specifications
Input Impedance: TMQ
Output Impedance: 1KQ
Running Current: 6ma
Power: 6F22 9V Battery/ DC 9V adapter
Dimension:120(L)X72(W)X55(H) mm
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