Pyle PDMIKC5 Multipurpose User Manual

Pyle PDMIKC5 Multipurpose User Manual
 12° PDMIKC 5
PYLE; Professional Table Top
JIT condenser Microphone (User Manual
Thanks for purchasing our excellentwireless
meeting microphone products, please read this
instruction carefully so that you can understand
how to operate the product you bought correctly,
please store this book in the safe place for reference
in future.
Main features
1.With audio compressing-expanding technology, the
machine can lower noises and increase the dynamic
range. It can also lower reecho.
2.Special tone key locked identity functions to avoid
interference signal from outside open the mute system.
3.There are mulriple noise detect circuit ,multi circuits,
So it has strong anti-jamming specialty.
4 Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main
sound source and minimizes background noise
5.Effective, built-in spherical wind and pop filter.
1.Please keep the transmitter of microphone from
throwing, casting, and so on, protecting from broken.
2.The receiver without water-proof, so please keep it
from water or something like this.
3.Please keep distance with or away electromagnetic
field, high voltage power net or big metal subjects.
4.Please switch off the transmitter when you change
the battery.
5.Please put out the battery if you will not use the
microphone for long time.
6.Please get contact with the distributor of the products
if there is problem on broken or something inside.
7.Please note we will not provide the service of repair
if customer open it by themself without notice.
Table Microphone
9 7
> 5
1.Cartridge 2.Working indicator
3.Switch 4.Powerand low voltage
two color indicator 5.Audio output
E wind screen
н Cartridge
Mic tube
Audio Equipment
Audio in
signal out
signal line
J plug in
1 line out
signal plug
Using Guide
1. Insert a battery( 9V ) with the correct pola rity and
connectthe audio cable.
2.Adjustthe volume of the amplifier tothe mini mum
3. Switch the power switch of the amplifier and meeting
microphone, then adjust the volume of the amplifier
slowly to desired level.
4. The best effective distance is about 20cm away the
microphone s head.
1. The speaker will whistle if microphone is too near to
the speakerorthe volume of the amplifier is too high,
take care of keep certain distance and to limitthe
volume of the amplifier otherwise damage maybe
occurtothe amplifieror the speaker.
2. Take outthe battery if the microphone will not be used
foralongtime, the device may be damaged asthe
spilage of desgenerative batttery.
Professional Table Top Condenser
Microphone Guide
®* Adjustable Gooseneck Type Mast
* Cardioid Pickup Rejects Off-Axis Sound
Durable Metal Tube And Bottom Base And PVC
Plastic Construction
e Frequency Response: 40hz~16khz
200 Ohm Output Impedance
e Microphone Sensitivity: -40dB (+/-)2dB
e Reference Sound Receiving Distance: 20-80m
e Power Supply: Dc 9 Volt
e On/off Broadcasting Switch
e 26.2foot X 4.5mm Microphone Cable With 600 Outputs
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