Osmo 901-00011 User guide

Osmo 901-00011 User guide
Getting Started
with Osmo Words
Updated 09.27.2019
Version 3.2.0
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Table of Contents
What’s Included?
Menu Navigation
Game Manual
A. Object of the Game
B. Game Play
C. Selecting which albums to play with
D. Non-English albums
E. Changing game settings
F. Creating your own Words albums
Storage Overview
Best Practices for Effective Osmo Detection
Other Questions
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What’s Included?
Each Words game contains 2 sets of English alphabet letter tiles for a total of 52 tiles​.
● 26 blue letter tiles
● 26 red letter tiles
Blue A-Z Letter Tiles
Quantity: 26
Red A-Z Letter Tiles
Quantity: 26
We also have uppercase/lowercase letter tiles available for sale on ​our shopping page
(with uppercase letters on one side, and lowercase, on the other). You can use them with
Proper Noun (case-sensitive) albums. Choose ‘Proper Noun’ from the ‘Show all’ menu
here​ to see albums that are now available for play with lowercase tiles.
The Words app is available free of charge ​on the App Store​ (for compatible iPads) and ​on
Amazon​ (for compatible Fire tablets). ​Please check​ ​this list of Osmo-compatible devices​.
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Menu Navigation
(or your avatar, if you’re already logged in) in the upper right corner of the
home screen to view the myOsmo account screen. See this ​guide to myOsmo accounts
and profiles​ for more information.
● Play
Jump right in! Select one of the modes below:
Adventure mode: ​Use your tiles to play with an Osmo character. In the
non-competitive option, the character will give the player hints to spell the
word. In the competitive option, see who spells the word first!
Versus mode: ​Use both sets of colored tiles to play against a friend. See
who guesses the word and spelling first!
Zen mode: ​Play at your own pace. Practice deducing what the image is
representing as well as honing your spelling skills.
Zen Junior mode: ​Play with easier words at your own pace. This mode
shows most of the letters in the word so the player has fewer missing
letters to guess.
● Library
Your albums are divided into different sections: ​Installed​, ​Mine​, ​Featured​, and
Other​ ​languages​.
To get back to the home screen from any point in the game, tap the Settings icon
and select “Home”.
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Game Manual
A. Object of the Game
Words teaches spelling, social-emotional skills, and critical thinking. The goal of Words is
to guess the word for what is being displayed in the image, which could be anything,
from the background color or object in the foreground/background, to a theme or a book
reference. (Note: It’s not always as obvious as you might think!) Guess the correct
spelling by placing the letter tiles in front of the device before your chances run out.
As players complete more puzzles, points are added to their score, shown on the side of
the screen. The game will automatically give players special recognition when they
reach one of the Achievements.
Achievements include:
Dedication – Guess 1000 words correctly
Sprint – Get 5 in a row correct
Marathon – Get 30 in a row correct
Warming Up – Reach medium difficulty
Getting Hotter – Reach hard difficulty
On Fire – Reach impossible difficulty
Cutting it close – Finish the whole word with 1 error remaining*
What Goes Up – From a score of 50 or more back to 0
Merely Improbable – 10 correct in a row on impossible difficulty*
Nice try – You didn't think the word "cheat" would work, did you?*
* These are “Mystery Achievements”. Keep playing to uncover how to reach these goals!
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B. Game Play
Try to identify the image on the screen, then spell it out with letter tiles that you put in
front of the device. If your letter guess is in the word, it will appear on the screen as many
times as it appears in the word. If it is not in the word, it will be added to the missed
guesses at the top of the screen. Guess the word before you max out on missed
You can put the letter tiles in front of Osmo in any order and at any angle. Osmo is smart;
it will still be able to read the letters!
It is possible for players to put multiple letters down at once. As long as the letter tiles
aren’t covering each other, Osmo will be able to see them all at the same time.
may appear to encourage the player to clear the pieces from the game surface.
C. Selecting which albums to play with
To select which albums your Versus and Zen sessions will include, simply select Library
from the main menu and make sure all of the albums you wish to include are checked.
To download one of the public albums shared by other Osmo users, log into myOsmo in
any browser or on your device, enter the URL for that album (or ​choose one of the
albums here​), and tap ​Add to Words game​.
To play one of your own albums, look under "Mine" (the second section from the top). All
of your albums should be there.
After you tap an album to include it in the game, ​please don't forget to deselect the
albums that you don't want to be included​. It may require scrolling to the bottom of the
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library and checking all of the subsections. Then press the arrow in the top left corner of
the Library screen to play the album in the Zen or Versus modes.
Please note that you won’t be able to play your own or any user-made albums in the
Adventure mode, only in the Zen or Versus modes.
D. Non-English albums
Most of the on-screen prompts in Osmo Words have been translated into Danish, Dutch,
French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and Traditional
Chinese, and two albums are available in the Words Library for each of the above
languages. However, the Adventure mode is only available in English.
Note that the tiles for the Words game currently only include English alphabet letters.
To switch Osmo interface messages to another language, you need to change the
language setting on your device. Here are the instructions for ​iOS​ and for ​Amazon Fire​.
After you do that, open any Osmo app, and you will be prompted to select between
English and your selected language as the preferred language for that Osmo app.
There aren’t many non-English albums ​shared on myOsmo​ right now; however, you can
make more albums by following the instructions in section F below. Feel free to share
them with our community, too!
Note:​ When getting ready to play Words, be sure to ​deactivate all albums​ that are not in
the language you wish to play in before selecting your albums. If you don't do that, the
device will default to English, even if you have selected something else as your preferred
Don't forget to check out ​our forums​ for custom album tips and curriculum discussions.
E. Changing game settings
Adventure Mode
In the Adventure mode, settings can be changed by tapping the Settings icon
the map page. (If you have the Osmo World app installed, click on the globe icon, and the
Settings icon will appear.)
Here you can change both Character difficulty and Word difficulty, as well as turn on
Speech to hear the word read aloud during the game (or turn it off) and turn off the
background Music (or turn it back on).
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For Character difficulty​, Competitive Play can be turned ON or OFF.
When OFF, the character provides letter hints and time for the player to find the
When ON, the character competes against the player to spell the word and score
points. In this mode, the competition difficulty can be easy, medium, or hard. In
harder settings, the characters play letter tiles more quickly and are more likely to
be accurate.
For Word difficulty​, the number of hints can be set at four different levels.
Page 8
For example, here are the letter hints for one of the images at the four different
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
To hear the word read aloud, ​turn on the Speech option and tap on the image at
any time during the game:
Versus and Zen Modes
In the Versus and Zen modes, you can tap the Settings icon
any time during the
game to turn Speech, Hints, or lowercase recognition on or off. If you have the Osmo
World app installed, tap the globe icon, then tap
. The difficulty of the word itself can
be set by moving the dial to the desired difficulty level, and clicking the lock.
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F. Creating your own Words albums
a. How to create your album
1. Go to your ​myWords dashboard​.
2. Click on ​Create New Album​, and you will be automatically taken to the new album
3. Click on ​Add Title​ (or on ​Untitled Album​) to add your album title.
4. Click on ​Add Image​ to upload a picture (or to take one, if you are using your tablet
or phone). You can also drag multiple files to upload images in a batch.
5. Hover your cursor over the image you have just added and click the ​Edit​ button.
Page 10
6. Type your chosen word in the ​Add Word​ field and select a difficulty. If you want
some of the letters to appear as hints on the screen, you can put them in
parentheses. A(NT) will show as _NT, for example. Add a couple more words; the
more the merrier! E.g., you can add “Mona Lisa” as Easy, Leonardo Da Vinci as
Medium, etc.
When you play, one of those cues will be randomly selected for this image
(according to the difficulty level you choose in the game settings, as explained in
Section E above).
7. Return to your album homepage to add as many pictures and words as you wish.
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b. How to edit images in your album
When you upload your images, they are automatically resized and may also be cropped if
they are too large. If you want to make sure all of your image fits and it isn't blurry, make
sure it isn't larger than 768x1024 or smaller than 385x512.
When you're editing an image, you can click on the Settings icon
to choose from
several editing options: Crop, Set as Album Cover, Replace Image, Delete.
If you're searching on Google Images, try clicking the 'Tools' button at the top, then
choose 'Large' size. That should get images that are mostly the right size.
Alternatively, you can resize the images you already have. ​Paint.NET​ is a great free
program that manipulates images easily if you are using a Windows PC. If you are using a
Mac, you can resize photos directly after opening them in Preview.
c. How to create a Proper Noun (case sensitive) album
If you are making case sensitive albums (for use with uppercase/lowercase Words tiles),
your account must first be flagged as a 'Teacher' account, so let's check that.
Log into​ ​https://my.playosmo.com/​.
Click on your username in the top right corner and choose 'Account'.
Scroll down to see a section labeled 'This Osmo will be used...'.
Either the 'At School' or 'Homeschool' checkboxes need to be checked.
Proceed to create your album as described above, with one modification. At the
very bottom of your album homepage, you will see 'Album Type: [A] Regular'; click
the 'Regular' link and choose Proper Noun album (you can also do this on albums
you've already created).
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When you type in the words for each picture, remember that whatever case you use here
will be what the game expects. So you can do 'frank' or ‘Frank’, ‘us’ or ‘US’, etc.
See this video​ for more info. Also ​see this new video​ from our teacher resource page.
d. How to add tags to your album
Please click 'Add tags' at the bottom of your album homepage to add descriptive tags to
your album. The tags should define various categories that your album may be classified
under (such as "Phonics", "Math", "Animals", "ESL", etc.)
e. How to set the language for your album
If your album is in a language other than English, please select it from the language
dropdown menu at the bottom of your album homepage. If your album language is not
on that menu, please keep English as the album language and add your language name
as an album tag.
f. How to share your album
To share one of your Words albums with friends, log into myOsmo, open the album you
wish to share, and select ​Share ​from the Settings menu
. You will then be given a
link that you can email your friends to have them access your album.
If you decide to publish your album (by clicking 'Make Public'), it will be reviewed by
Osmo staff. The approval process currently takes up to 2 business days. If you need it
Page 13
reviewed fast, please let us know the exact name of the album as well as the email
address used for your myOsmo account.
All public user-made albums can be searched at the ​myWords Discover page​.
g. How to unpublish your album
You can unpublish one of your own albums by visiting the album homepage and
selecting ​Unpublish​ from the ​Settings menu
h. How to delete your album
You can delete one of your own albums by visiting the album homepage and selecting
Delete ​from the ​Settings menu
Storage Overview
Place letter tiles in
the trays.
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Best Practices for Effective Osmo Detection
1. Keep hands and fingers away from game pieces after placing them so that Osmo
can see it.
2. Keep the reflector ​centered along the top edge of your device​ so the camera can
see the play space.
3. Keep the letter tiles close to your device so the camera can see them.
4. Play in a well lit room.
5. If your table top or surface is a dark color, it may be interfering with the software
detection. Try placing an 8.5 x 11 sheet of white paper on the tabletop, and then
the pieces on top of the paper.
6. Make sure you are using a device that is compatible with Osmo. Please check​ ​this
list of Osmo-compatible devices​.
7. If you experience any issues despite this setup, please reach out to
[email protected]​ for assistance.
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Other Questions
What do I do if I lose a letter?
Please reach out to us at ​[email protected]​.
Can I clean the letter tiles?
You can gently wipe the pieces with a damp cloth if they get dirty.
What is the Words Explorers app?
The new Words Explorers app is a word-building and spelling adventure designed to
teach literacy skills for kids in grades K-3. It requires Osmo Words game pieces, as well
as an Osmo base, to play.
The Words Explorers app is available free of charge (with in-app purchases) ​on the App
Store​ ​(for iPads) and​ ​on Amazon​ ​(for Amazon Fire tablets).
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