Amazon Renewed DELP0001 User guide

Amazon Renewed DELP0001 User guide
How to Recovery/Register Your Copy of Windows 1 0
Your AST quality refurbished computer comes pre-installed with a licensed copy of Microsoft Windows that has NOT
been registered. You MUST activate the copy of Windows installed on your computer. By activating Windows, you will
receive the benefits of regular software updates and have the full use of the software and its features.
Failure to activate Windows may result in messages that include:
Activate Windows — Go to Settings to activate Windows
Windows is not activated
How to Activate Windows:
e Your computer MUST be connected to the internet to facilitate this process.
* The date and time MUST be set to your current local date and time to facilitate this process.
Your Windows Product Key COA sticker can be found on the bottom of your computer or inside the battery compartment
if a laptop, on the back of the computer if an “All-in-One” or located near the rear on a desktop computer (could be on
the top/side/rear/bottom depending upon the orientation of your computer).
* Here are photos of typical Windows Product Key COA stickers (Yours may be slightly different).
E = á A 03-123-209.978 X20 -8H4 1
TIN NRRL 11110 E
Product Key: SEHEGN - 22 E Jr - REVEC - JE - FACEF
i Microsoft COA for use on Refurbished PC only - No Commercial value
Left Click the S7ART button on your desktop
Click Settings
=] File Explorer
Activate Windows
Windows Settings | |
Activate Windows
By activating Windows, you get the best expenence, free from interruptions
= SR © A L
System Devices Network & Internet Personalizati Accounts
Display PE В h, printers, m i-Fi, airplane mode, VP Background, lock sc unts, email, sy
power qq ork, family
Privacy Update £ security
Windows isn't activated. Activate Windows now.
Scroll to the bottom of the
window that pops up, left Click on Next to proceed
Click Change Product Key
ETC] English
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Advanced Skyline Technology Lid How to Recovery/Register Your Copy of Windows 10
o ©
Enter a product key
If you are successful you will
Enter a product key see the following message
Your product key should be in an email from whoever sold or distributed Windows to you, or on the
box the Windows DYD or USB came in. Windows is activated
The product key looks similar to this:
Product key
Dashes will be added automatically
Windows Is activated
You're now running a genuine version of Windows.
Enter your Windows 10 Product Key
into the appropriate field
If you are not successful (incorrect product key or incorrect
characters entered) you will see an error message similar to:
* The Product Key characters are not case sensitive and Windows
will automatically enter the hyphens / dashes between the
Activate Windows groups of characters.
Error details
* Due to the small size font used on the Windows Product Key
Learn more about why you're seeing this issue sticker it is easy to misread letters and numbers e.g. interpreting
B as 8 or 0 as O or as Qor Y as V or Gas 6. If you have access to
a digital camera or have access to a cellphone equipped with
the camera feature — simply take a photo of your product key
and transfer it to your pc. Open the photo on your desktop and
enlarge the photo and the characters will be easier to read and
will simplify your Windows Product Key entry.
lo activate Windows, enter a different product key or go to the
Change product key
You can simply repeat the process detailed above if you
made an error entering your Product Key characters.
To Recovery Windows 10
WARNING: Performing the following steps will reset the system back to factory default. All user configuration and or
software previously installed on the system will be lost. Please kindly backup all your personal files and or data.
1 2 3 Recover
Power on the Go to Update & security Select y Under Reset this PC
В dl ”
computer =a + ox а click on “Get Started
= = Settings "= ох
and wait until Windows Séxtings
. E Home Reset this PC
It boots all | Find a setting : Find a setting / p If your PC isn't running we ing it might help. This lets you
hoose to keep your r remove them, and then reinstalls
the way to — ER Ви vins
1 © FA Update & secunty E
your desktop "—_ ow ni Triana В meo. —
Desplay. notifications, apps Bluetooth, printers, mouse ‘Wi-Fi, airplane mode, YPN FCEGrOUNG, esk screen,
screen. dia as © Windows Defghder
(> e o < Eu
Time & language Ease of Access Privacy Update & security | 4) Recovery
speech, region, date Narrator, magnifier, high Location, camera Wingows Update, recovery,
i contrast backup © Activation
Go to Seth ng on 3 AS Q В For developers Advanced startup
the startup ment = File Explorer Pes Na pda mo
work, family image. This will restart your PC.
TT Е Restart now
| Y Power
4 5 If you chose to "remove everything" in the prior e
Click either "Keep my files" or "Remove step. Select "Just remove my files" or "Remove
everything" files and clean the drive".
‘ | Cleaning the drive takes a lot longer, but it will
depending on Н NS! 8 N > e make it so that it will be harder for someone else
whether you
with unauthorized access to recover your
q a Cn removed files.
МЕ iv de If you are keeping the computer, choose Just re-installation process (For laptops, please keep
your data files remove my files your device plugged in via your AC Adapter). The
intact. Either
Reset your PC Out-Of-Box Experience (OOBE) pop-up windows
way, all of A TAR PE oe mi Cy Rog BEE ао
should appear once the process is complete. At
which point you will be able to register/set-up the
your settings | a
emake system once again.
will return to
their defaults
and apps will
be uninstalled
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