PetSafe SKM-C411 Repellent Installation Manual

PetSafe SKM-C411 Repellent Installation Manual
Extension Mat Instructions
Contents: One Extension Cord and one Extension Mat
Step 1
Step 2
Switch the ScatMat power pack off.
Remove the power pack’s extension door.
Step 3
Note: Either end of the
extension cord can be
attached to the snaps
on the power pack.
Attach the extension cord to both ‘extension
cord snaps’ located inside the power pack.
Replace the extension door.
Step 4
Snap the remaining
ends of the extension
cord to both grommets
(buttons) on your
extension mat.
ScatMat Power Adapter
For high-traffic areas, consider using
a ScatMat Power Adapter as an
alternative to batteries. The adapter
includes a 12 ft (3.6 metre) cord.
Scat Mats Instructions FINAL.in2 2
ScatMat Dummy Mat
Use a dummy mat after your pet has
learned to avoid the ScatMat. The dummy
works because pets can’
between the dummy mat and an active ScatMat.
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