Melissa & Doug 4021 User manual

Melissa & Doug 4021 User manual
Discover Countless Ways To Play
Have kids identify each piece of fruit.
Place the pieces of fruit in a row. Count
the pieces. Repeat the activity until the
child is able to count them independently.
Have kids use the wooden knife to cut the
pear into two pieces. Explain that pear has
been cut into two equally sized pieces or
halves. Challenge kids to find other fruits
that can be cut into halves (the orange,
strawberry, lemon and kiwi).
Have kids use the wooden knife to cut the
banana into three pieces. Explain that the
banana has been cut into thirds.
Have kids use the wooden knife to cut the
melon slice into four pieces. Explain that
the melon slice has been cut into fourths.
Have kids mix different pieces of fruit
together to create fun new fruits and
name them. For example: a strawberry and
a kiwi might make a "kiberry."
Line up four or more pieces of fruit. Let
kids study the pieces then have them
close their eyes while you remove one
piece. Ask the child to identify which
piece you "ate!"
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