TOSOT GDN30AZ-A3EBA2C Dehumidifier User Manual

TOSOT GDN30AZ-A3EBA2C Dehumidifier User Manual
User Manual
30 Pint, 50 Pint, and 70 Pint Dehumidifiers
Before using your TOSOT dehumidifier,
please read this manual in it's entirety.
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Tips for First-Time Use
1. Allow the unit to sit upright for at least 3-4 hours before
powering on. Shipping carriers may set the unit on its side,
which causes the refrigerant to pool in certain areas.
Standing the unit upright for 3-4 hours allows the refrigerant
to move freely within the coils.
2. Run the unit continuously for 24 hours after letting the unit
to stand upright for 3-4 hours. This allows the unit to work
out any "kinks" that may have resulted during shipping from
our factory or to your doorstep.
3. If you have any questions, please email us at
[email protected] before making a return request.
Our support team is based in the US and replies within 24
hours, usually sooner. If you haven't received a reply, check
y our spam or junk folder as sometimes our replies get lost in
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Table of Contents
Safety Instruction --------------------------------=-- 01
Installation and Setup ------------------------------- 01
Operation ---------------------------=========me==== mm 02
Раг{$ --------ттеетеееееееееетеееееееоееесеессеетссеессоо 04
Display Screen and Controls ----------------------- 05
Other Features ----------=-=-=====================————- 06
Choosinga Location -----------------==============- 07
Removing Collected Water ------------------------- 08
Option 1: Drain Bucket -------=-=================== 08
Option 2: Gravity Drain Hose --------------------- 09
Option 3: Internal Pump -------------------------- 10
Cleaning --------=====================eeeeeeoeeee 11
Maintenance Checklists ---------------------------- 12
Malfunction Codes -------=========================== 13
Troubleshooting -------=----========================- 15
Frequently Asked Questions ----------------------- 17
This symbol throughout the manual points out a
potentially hazardous situation that, if not avoided,
may result in death or serious injury. Please use
Safety Instructions
Please read all instructions before use and save this user manual for future
reference. A digital version can be found by visiting the product pages on our
website,, or by contacting [email protected] to
ask for a digital version.
Your safety and the safety of others are very important to us. We have provided
many important safety messages thought out this manual and on the appliance
itself. Always read and follow all posted safety messages. If you have any
doubt, please contact [email protected] with any questions.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, injury, or death to persons using or
near this appliance, please follow some basic safety precautions. These
precautions include, but are not limited to, the following:
Installation and Setup
* This appliance is not intended for use by any persons (including children)
with reduced or restricted physical, mental, or sensory capabilities, or lack
of experience and knowledge, unless under direct supervision of a person
responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the appliance.
Please keep plastic bags and sheets out of the reach of children as they
might be mistakenly used for play. Packaging materials can become airtight
chambers and may pose a risk of suffocation if not disposed of properly.
Store and operate the appliance where it will not be exposed to temperatures
below freezing (32 °F) or excessive heat (above 90°F), or exposed to outdoor
weather conditions.
This product should be plugged directly into a power outlet. Power outlet
should be properly rated, protected, and sized in order to avoid electrical
overload. Appliance should be installed in accordance with national
wiring regulations.
* Do not use a multiple-outlet power strip or extension cord with this
dehumidifier. Failure to do so may result in short-circuit or electrical shock.
* Do not cut or remove the third (ground) prong form the power cord under any
» When installing or moving the appliance, be careful not to punch, crush, or
damage the power cord.
* |fF the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, it's
service agent, or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
* Never attempt to operate this appliance if it visibly damaged, malfunctioning,
disassembled, or has missing or broken parts. This includes exposed wiring
on a damaged cord or electrical plugin.
* Do not attempt to disassemble or repair and part of this appliance. All repairs
and services must be performed by qualified service personnel.
» This appliance is intended for residential use. This product is not designed
for preserving precision industrial or laboratorial equipment, fragile works of
art, or anything outside of a typical residential area.
* Chemicals and other solvents which are dissolved in the air (e.g. cleaning
products, hair spray, air fresheners, perfumes, etc.) may cause the product
to deform and become damaged.
» This unit is rated to the level of IXPO in accordance with IEC 605269. This
means that the unit should only be operated indoors, excluding in rooms
where laundry machines are present.
- To avoid risk of electrical shock, do not grasp the power cord or the unit with
wet hands and avoid placing the product where it could be splashed with water.
* Avoid placing the unit itself or any other objects on top of the power cord,
including rugs or carpeting.
- Keep air inlet/outlets free from obstruction and clean the filter regularly to
ensure optimal and safe performance
* Do not use this product in a small, enclosed space such as a closet. Poor
ventilation could result in overheating or fire.
* Do not insert fingers or other objects into the air inlet our outlet. Not only is
the internal fan running at high speeds, there is also an increased risk of
deadly electrical shock.
- Power off the dehumidifier and empty the water bucket before attempting to
move the dehumidifier.
* Remove the power plug from wall outlet if the product will not be sued for
extended periods.
* |f the product makes a strange noise or emits a strange or smoky smell,
immediately remove the power plug and contact customer service for next
- Use this appliance only in a well-ventilated area. Inadequate ventilation
during operation may reduce the oxygen level in the air.
* Never unplug the unit by pulling on the power cord. Always grip the plug firmly
and remove straight from power outlet.
- Turn off the dehumidifier and remove the power plug before cleaning or
maintenance. Wait for the fan to stop moving.
* Do not operate the dehumidifier without a filter.
Air Exhaust
Air Intake Control Panel
Drain Bucket
I Castor Wheels
Back Side
Air Exhaust
Gravity Drainage Access
Power Cord
Internal Pump Drainage Joint
(Only available on select models)
Display Screen and Controls
Pump Model
High, Medium 4 hour or 2 hour Full light indicates
Filter Nonstop operation and Low fan delay on/off indicator bucket needs to be emptied
indicator light on indicator light indicator lights lights or is not in place in the unit
G Humidity% Low >
Nonstop Medium 4 hour Fulle
Power On On Filter High 2 hour ОС Internal Pump
indicator light Mode Indicator
9 TER > ©, Lights
(Only available
on select models)
о ©
© Power Button
a. Press to power the dehumidifier On or Off
O Filter Button
a. After 250 hours of operation the Filter indicator will illuminate to
remind you to remove and clean the filter.
€) Humidity Control Buttons (-/+)
a. The humidity level can be setin 5% increments from 35%-80%
relative humidity. To activate nonstop operation, repeatedly press
the — pad until the screen reads "NS" The screen will read "NS"
once you go below 35%.
b. Note about Nonstop mode: this option means that the
dehumidifier will ignore the current humidity level and operate
continuously. If you are using the drain bucket, the dehumidifier
will stop operation once the bucket is full. If you are using the
gravity drain or internal pump features, the unit will operate
Display Screen
a. When using the -/+ buttons, this screen will display the target humidity
setting you choose. After a few seconds, the screen will revert to show
the current humidity level in your room within 5% accuracy.
Q Fan Speed
a. Press to cycle through High, Medium, or Low fan modes. Higher fan
speeds lead to increased moisture removal. When humidity has been
reduced or quiet operation is preferred, set the fan to Medium or Low.
Q Timer
a. Delay off—while the dehumidifier is in operation, press the timer pad to
have the unit power off later in 2 or 4 hours.
b. Delay on—while the dehumidifier is not in operation (but plugged in),
press the timer pad to have the unit power on later in 2 or 4 hours.
@ Pump (Only available on select models)
a. With the dehumidifier powered on and a 1/4 inch drain hose connected
to the internal pump drainage joint, press and hold this button for 3
seconds to activate the internal pump mode. The Pump button on top of
the unit will illuminate once this feature is activated.
b. Note: If the Pump feature is powered on but there is no hose or drain plug
inserted in the drainage joint, the unit will leak onto the floor.
Other Features
1. Full Indicator Light
a. llluminates when the bucket is ready to be emptied or when the bucket is
removed from the unit for extended period. If bucket is replaced
incorrectly, the light will stay illuminated.
2. Alarm Sound
a. If the bucket is full or missing for more than 3 minutes an alarm will beep
for 10 seconds to remind you to empty and/or replace the drain bucket.
3. Auto Shut Off
a. The unit will stop operation if the bucket is full or if the bucket is removed/
improperly installed.
4. Auto Defrost Mode
a. Through normal operation, frost may build on the evaporator coils. In this
case, the compressor will power off while the fan stays running. You can
usually tell if this is the case when the air exhaust emits cool air instead
of warm air.
5. Power Outage Restart
a. In the event of a power outage or interruption, the unit will automatically
revert to the last settings you choose before the power outage and restart
Choosing a Location
* Place the dehumidifier on a smooth and level floor strong enough to support
the unit with a full bucket of water.
* Allow at least 18 inches of space on all sides of the unit for proper air
* Close all doors, windows, and other exterior openings of the room to improve
the dehumidifying effect.
- Keep the air intake/exhaust clean and free of obstructions.
- Avoid placing the unit in direct sunlight or in areas where the temperature
goes below 40 °F or above 90 °F.
« Humidity levels of 50-60% are optimal. Humidity levels above 60% may lead
to mold or mildew growth.
Correct Incorrect
Within _
V | 40-90
Removing Collected Water
There are 3 options to remove water collected by your
Option 1: Drain Bucket
Step 1: Grab both sides of drain bucket and remove from unit following the
arrow below. Removing the bucket just after stopping operation may
results in drips of water on floor.
Step 2: Empty the bucket by grasping the handle on top of the bucket with one
hand, while supporting the bottom of the bucket with other hand.
Step 3: After emptying, replace the bucket in dehumidifier following the arrow
direction below
Option 2: Gravity Drain Hose
Water can be automatically emptied into a floor drain by attaching a drain hose
with a 4" inner diameter (not included) which attaches to a male nozzle on the
left side of the unit.
Step 1: Remove drain bucket from unit. Open drain cover door on right side of
unit. Thread the %" drain hose (not included) onto the nozzle. Replace
drain bucket into the unit.
Step 2: Position the gravity drain hose into the floor drain or other water
receptacle. Ensure that the gravity drain hose is directed downwards.
If the drain hose is directed upwards or horizontally, water will not exit
the drain hose and instead will collect in the drain bucket.
Option 3: Internal Pump
Not all models have an internal pump feature. Please check your model
number or contact customer support if you are unsure.
The internal pump can pump water up to 15 feet in any direction: vertically or
horizontally. Water will still collect in the drain bucket during operation. As the
bucket starts to reach maximum capacity the pump will power on to remove
water from the drain bucket.
If the pump feature is powered on and there is no drain plug or drainage hose
in the drainage joint, water will leak from the drainage joint. If the pump feature
is powered off while the unit is operating, water will not leak from the drainage
joint. Please contact customer support if you have lost or misplaced your
green drain plug.
Step 1: Depress the gray plastic area using your fingertip or a small, flat object.
= y
Step 2: While depressing the gray plastic area, remove the green drain plug.
© =
Step 3: Insert the included drain hose into the drainage joint.
Before cleaning, turn off the dehumidifier and disconnect power cord from
power outlet. Do not spray or douse the dehumidifier with water, and do not
use volatile liquids (e.g. gasoline, paint thinner, etc.) to clean the dehumidifier.
White Plastic Exterior: Wipe down the plastic areas by using a soft rag
dipped in warm, soapy water. Do not use harsh chemicals (e.g. bleach) or
abrasive pads.
Air Intake Grille: Use a dust catcher or vacuum nozzle attachment.
Water Bucket: Every few weeks you should clean the bucket to prevent the
growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Partially fill the bucket with clean water
and a mild detergent and use a soft brush to scrub down the walls of the bucket.
Do not use a dishwasher to clean the bucket as this may warp the plastic.
You will first need to remove the handle from the drain bucket.
Step 1: Remove the handle by aligning the two ends of the handle with the
openings on the drain bucket lid.
Buckle Plate Buckle Plate
>, Hole of Buckle Plate ~,_Hole of Buckle Plate
Rotor Shaft
Fig.1a of Handle of Handle
Step 2: Remove the drain bucket lid by depressing the four (4) buckles on the
drain bucket.
Drain Lid
Step 3: Remove the float from the drain lid.
Air Filter
After 250 hours of operation the Filter indicator light will illuminate on top of
your dehumidifier. After cleaning the filter, place the Filter button again to
reset the 250-hour timer. Do not forget to replace the filter before resuming
operation. This may cause the evaporator coils to attract dust, which will harm
the performance of your unit.
Clean the filter using war, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and air dry completely.
Do not dry the air filter with a source of heat, such as a lighter or hair dryer, as
this may damage the filter.
Filter access:
Remove the drain bucket. The Filter is a light white plastic tab near the bottom
of the air intake grille. Pull the filter straight down to remove.
Maintenance Checklists
Pre-Season Maintenance Checklist
L1 Check the power cord for any cuts or exposed wiring
O Check that the ground prong is on your power plug
O Clean the air filter
O Check thatthe drain hose is not damaged
Post-Season Maintenance Checklist
O Disconnect unit from power outlet
O Clean air filter and exterior case
O Empty and clean the water bucket
O Remove drain hose and allow to dry
Long-Term Storage Checklist
O Unplug dehumidifier from power outlet and wrap up power cord
O Empty and clean the water bucket
O Wrap and/or cover the unit to prevent the accumulation of dust
Malfunction Codes
If your unit displays one of the following codes, please contact
[email protected] with your Malfunction Code. Please fill out
the warranty registration form on our website for faster service.
Malfunction Display Unit's .
Name Code Condition su a
© Ambient temperature sensor is
loosen or is poorly connected
with the terminal of display board.
Ambient Compressor ® Some element of display board
Temperature F1 top. may have been put upside down
Sensor The н and cause short circuit.
Malfunction are invalid e Ambient temperature sensoris
- damaged(Please refer to Checking
Table for Temperature Sensor
e Display board is damaged.
e Temperature sensor on the
evaporator is loosen or is poorly
connected with the terminal of
display board.
Tube Compressor | e Some element of display board
Temperature and fan motor may have been put upside down
Sensor F2 Stop; e and cause short circuit.
Malfunction cour ons e Temperature sensor on the
are invalid. ;
evaporator is damaged(Please
refer to Checking Table for
Temperature Sensor Resistance).
e Display board is damaged.
e Temperature sensor on the
evaporator is loosen or is poorly
connected with the terminal of
display board.
Discharge Compressor ® Some element of display board
Temperature ES top. may have been put upside down
Sensor Stop; and cause short circuit.
. The buttons
Malfunction ; ; ® Discharge temperature sensor
are invalid. .
is damaged (Please refer to
Checking Table for Temperature
Sensor Resistance).
e Display board is damaged.
Compressor y: . cireui
Humidity and fan motor © Humidity sensor is short-circuited.
Seneor L1 stop; ® Humidity sensor is damaged.
Malfunction The buttons e Display boardis damaged.
are invalid.
Malfunction Codes
If your unit displays one of the following codes, please contact
[email protected] with your Malfunction Code. Please fill out
the warranty registration form on our website for faster service.
Malfunction Display Unit's Possible Causes
Name Code Condition
® Refrigerant is leaking.
The compressor e System is blocked
| . stop; e Ambient operation condition is
5 Freon-lacking FO the fan motor bad.
protection t ft
stops after e The evaporator and condenser and
30 seconds.
blocked with filth.
e The system is abnormal.
e Refrigerantis leaking.
e System is blocked
High- The compressor
temperature stop; e Ambient operation condition is
6 overload H3 the fan motor bad.
stops after
protection 30 seconds e The evaporator and condenser and
- blocked with filth.
e The system is abnormal.
e Abnormal system
(e.g.: blockage,etc).
High discharge The compressor | © Abnormal rotation speed of the
. motor.
temperature stop;
7 protection of E4 the fan motor ® Abnormal air intake.
stops after
compressor 30 ands. e System is normal, but the
compressor discharge
temperature sensor is abnormal
or poorly contacted.
The compressor
stops ® The drain is blocked.
8 Pump EO the pump and e The water pump is broken.
Malfunction the fan stop
- ; e The full light indicates out of order.
Not all the following problems are malfunctions.
Dehumidifier is not operating.
Controls can not be set.
Possible Causes
e Unit is operating in an area where temperature
is higher than 90°F (32°C)or lower than 41°F(5°C).
® Bucket is full.
Noise suddenly rises during
® Noise will rise if compressor has just started.
e Power supply problem.
® Unit is placed on uneven floor.
Humidity does not drop.
© Area to be dehumidified is too large. The capacity
of your dehumidifier may not be adequate.
Humidity does not drop.
e Doors are open.
e There might be some device producing vapor in
the room.
Little or no effect in
e Room temperature is too low.
© Humidity level may be improperly set.
© lf unit is operating in a room where temperature
is from 41°F to 59°F(5 °C to 15 °C), it will start to
defrost automatically. Compressor will stop for
a brief period of time(fan will operate in high fan
speed).When unit finishes defrosting, it will be back
to normal operation.
When first operated, the air
emitted has musty-odor.
® Due to temperature rising of heat exchanger, the
air may have some strange smell at the beginning.
Unit has noises.
e There might be some noise if unit is operating on
wooden floor.
Swooshing soundis heard.
e Normal. This is the sound of the flow of refrigerant.
Problem of Water Leakage.
Problem |
Possible Causes |
® Examine the drainage joint.
® Connect the drainage joint
When using drain
hose, there is water
® Drain hose is not correctly
e Clear the obstacle from the
drain hose.
in the bucket.
® Drain hose is not correctly
® Remove the drain hose and
replace it. Be sure that the
hose is correctly installed.
Dehumidifier does not start.
Power indicator is
not lit when power
is connected.
Possible Causes
® Power is not supplied for
the dehumidifier or the power
plug is not well inserted.
© Check if power is lost. If yes,
wait for the power to restore.
® If not, check whether the
power circuit or power socket
has been damaged.
e Check whether power plug is
e Check whether power cord is
® Fuse is blown.
e Replace the fuse.
Bucket full indicator
is lit up.
e Bucketis not properly placed.
e Water is full in the bucket.
e Bucket has been removed.
e Empty the bucket and replace
Unit is powered on
but is not
dehumidifying the
® Humidity is set too high.
® |f you want the air drier,
press “-” button to lower the
Dehumidifier does not dry air as intended.
e Check whether there is
any obstacle around the
® Make sure there is no curtain,
shutter or furniture that blocks
the dehumidifier.
® Air filter is dusty or
e Clean the filter.
Bad dehumidifying
® Doors and windows are
left open.
e Make sure all doors and windows
and other opening to the outside
have been closed.
® Room temperature is too
® Warm temperature is good for
dehumidification. Low temper
ature will reduce unit's working
effect. This unit should be wor-
king in a place where temper-
ature is above 5°C(41°F).
Frequently Asked Questions
Visit complete list at
Why does this unit give off heat?
Humid air is pulled into the dehumidifier and passes over refrigerated cooling
coils. Moisture from the air collects on these coils then drops into the drain
bucket. You dehumidifier emits heat because it takes a lot of energy to keep
the coils refrigerated and the fan operating. The less humid your room is, the
cooler it will feel, If your AC is set at 72°F it will operate more effectively at 50%
humidity than 85% humidity.
Why is the fan running when the unit already reached the target humidity
| selected?
Your dehumidifier is in the automatic defrost mode. When moisture from the
humid air collects on the cooling coils it can sometimes collect too rapidly and
start to freeze. After your unit reaches target humidity the fan will continue
pulling in the room temperature air to help defrost the coils. You can usually
tell if this is the case when the air exhaust is emitting cool air instead of warm
air. This tends to happen when the room temperature starts approaching 65°F,
but your unit can still operate to temperatures around 40 °F.
What happens if my unitisn't working? Does my unit have a warranty?
Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions
about your unit. If you haven't already done so, you will be asked to register
your product for warranty on our website. You can speed up that process by
visiting to give us some information about your
unit. All products are covered under a one year warranty from the date you
place your order.
TOSOT Direct
Customer service: [email protected]
Instagram: @tosotdirect
Twitter: @tosotdirect
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